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Example #180: Yuri Fangirl

10 MAY

This is the Hundred-and-eightieth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Kyouko Toshinou
Yuru Yuri[/center]

Hair:  Kyouko has long and blonde hair. While I usually don't like blonde hair, hers is a lot more reserved and gold so it looks cute. It ends about at her mid-back Her hair is usually free and she has a very nice red bow to top it off. Occasionally, when dressing up as Mirakurun she has it up in twintails but that's not one of my favorite types.  
Grade: B+

Eyes: Kyouko also has nice eyes as well. They're a pretty blue color, but are a bit too circular for my tastes. This fits the "soft" style of Yuru Yuri though, so I won't complain. When she's in "fangirl" mode she gets stars in them which is a nice touch. While Kyouko doesn't wear glasses, she did wear them in one imagination spot.
Grade: B-

Face: I love the art style of Yuru Yuri. It's much like Lucky Star in that all the characters are cute and puni. Kyouko's facial features are small and she has a small nose to go with them. I bet that her face is really soft as well. As for showing emotion, it's very hard for her to keep her emotions as she has a very dynamic face.
Grade: A

Build: One unfortunate thing about the art style of Yuru Yuri, as much as I like it, is that the girls aren't very shapely. Kyouko has an average middle school student's body, which might be somewhat shapely but I'm not especially attracted to it.
Grade: B-

Breasts: Same here. The art style certainly doesn't help out here either, as while Kyouko isn't flat she might as well be...
Grade: D+

Clothes: Kyouko's usual outfit is a school uniform. It consists of a white top with brown decor around the  collar and sleeves and a similar color tie. Underneath is a purple shirt which matches her skirt as well. All in all not a bad school uniform, if the colors aren't the best. She also has worn a pink two-piece, a santa outfit, numerous nice "casual" clothes, and as said before she's cosplayed as Mirakurun. Her best outfit is of course her tomato pajamas though.
Grade: B

Personality: Kyouko is a lot like me, though a lot more hyper. She's very bouncy and energetic which leads to hilarious actions and most of the best jokes in the series. She also created the Amusement Club and is the leader, though they just tend to hang around the old tea room more than anything. She's also super brilliant, but you wouldn't know it as she's also super lazy and doesn't want to do stuff that she has no interest in. Her favorite show  is Majokko Mirakurun, and tries to get her friends to cosplay and even brings them to a "Comuket"-type place to sell doujins that she created. Also, her favorite flavor of sweets is Rum-Raisin ice cream.

As amusing as Kyouko is, she's a bit too hyper for my tastes (though I do enjoy her on the show). She was far more my type as a younger girl as she was shy and delicate and really cute. Also, when she bumps her head she gets a lot more calmer, but that's not her and I'm never appreciative of characters getting major changes to them (though as a comedy it works well as it's not like it wasn't entertaining).
Grade: B

Libido: She has a crush on Chinatsu (due to her looking like Mirakurun) but that seems to be mostly idolizing her. Though with some of the things, she does seem awfully perverted. Either way, I'd rather ship her with Ayano or Yui.
Grade: B

Age: Kyouko is sadly only 14 years old.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 66
Average score: 7.3
Final Grade: B-

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