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Example #178: Wings of air

26 APR

This is the Hundred-and-seventy-eighth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

[center]Today's girl is:

Misuzu Kamio

: Uh, where am I? Gao...

: Uguu!

: Auu!

Stop it with the verbal tics, everyone!

: ... Nipah!

That includes you, Rika.

: Don't worry, Misuzu. Topaz is a very nice man who required your assistance.

: I like helping!

Hair: Misuzu has very long blonde hair. It extends past her waist, and looks very "sunny" and warm. This might be because light sticks to the hair (Minagi had a similar problem). Unfortunately, she keeps it in a ponytail rather than keeping it flowing. There are times when she puts it down, but that's when she has shorter hair. The ponytail DOES have a huge bow on it, which looks cute.
Grade: B

Eyes: As I said way back in Minagi's blog, AIR has a distinct eye style. The eyes are very large, almost too big in comparison to her face. They're very pretty and a nice blue though, so it's not like I really dislike them either. She has a wide bridge as well, though it's not as noticeable in the show itself. Finally, she has a cute cry as well.
Grade: B-

Face: I said before that Misuzu has a wide bridge and that her eyes look too big for her face. This is indeed true, but other than that she does look cute and she has small features.
Grade: B

Build: When I was doing preparations for this blog, I was surprised that Misuzu has such a good body. I was expecting her to be fairly "loli", but no. She's about the same size and shape as the other girls in the series. If I would point out one "best feature", it would probably be her thin waist. In addition, her body is very weak for reasons I'll talk about later, and she even got confined to a wheelchair.
Grade: B-

Breasts:  Like I said, I'm surprised that Misuzu is as busty as she is. It's not like she's extremely endowed, she's modestly endowed but I was expecting her to be flat. She doesn't really show them off either, which is a downside.
Grade: B

Clothes: In addition to the school uniform that Minagi wears, Misuzu wears a variety of clothing. To be fair, we see Misuzu far more in casual wear than Minagi. Misuzu usually wears flowing and beautiful dresses. However her "big scene" she's wearing pink pajamas and looks very cute.
Grade: B

Personality: Misuzu doesn't have much personality archetypes for my tastes. She's an ill girl and is pretty ditzy as well. She's so clumsy in fact, that she can trip on things that aren't even there! I won't make fun of her though, that may be caused by her illness after all. She has problems making friends as she's usually avoided by others for being sick and out of class so often. When people finally DO get close to her, she usually cries. She's sadly almost in constant pain but attempts to hide it. Eventually it gets so bad that she's unable to walk and is in a nearly child-like state. She likes to use "Gao" as a verbal tic because that's the sound she says that dinosaurs make.

Misuzu is actually a reincarnation of a "winged maiden" and she's cursed with it. This explains why she's so sick and can't make friends. However, despite trying to keep away, Misuzu gets close to both her adoptive mother Haruko and the male lead Yukito. Unfortunately, the curse gets the better of them and in one of the most heartbreaking moments in anime overall is the final scene. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water.
Grade: B+

Libido:  Misuzu has a hard time showing love, and well, you saw what happened with just family love. She's also far too innocent to think about this kind of thing with her.
Grade: C

Age: Misuzu is between 15 and 16. Either way, she's too young for my complete tastes, and that's not counting the regression.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 68
Average score: 7.6
Final Grade: B

What's my final opinion of Misuzu? I dislike crying, so I didn't like her, nor do I like her being sickly or clumsy. However, I will say that she's a wonderful character, and her story arc is very powerful.

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