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Example #174: March Madness 5: Miniature

29 MAR

This is the Hundred-and-seventy-fourth week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back everyone to another blog! Unfortunately, this is the last blog of March Madness. After today, we'll say goodbye to the cute lolibasketball stars. However, that's not before I say that...

[center]Today's girl is:

Hinata Hakamada


: So Empry, are you lolicon for this one as well?

W-what are you talking about Rika? And how did you get here when I didn't call you!

: Topaz told me that you were doing another hime cut loli. I figured that hey, you might need me to use as a base or something.

Well, Hinata and you are different. While you do both have long hair and hime cuts, her hair is pink unfortunately. Hers also poofs to the side a lot so I can tell that she has wavy hair. In other words, she's not as great as she could be but I still enjoy it. I can't forget about her awesome pajama hat though. It's a lovely Zun-type hat with a cute ribbon.
Grade: B+

Eyes: Hinata has very cute and moe eye. They're big and innocent, and a very nice shade of purple. I do prefer a good tsurime, but her innocent eyes work well with her personality so I won't complain.
Grade: B

Face: Hinata is such a lovely girl, I just want to hug her. She's so cute! And soft! and...

: Easy lolicon. We don't need to hear about your Rapidash here.

I'll calm down then. But isn't that kind of joke obscure.

: .... You're the one who wrote it.

Touche. But back to the blog: Hinata is a very adorable and "kawaii" girl, and she's extremely lovable. She usually has a huge smile on her face and will definitely make you feel good!
Grade: B+

Build: Hinata is the token "loli" in the group. Even if they're all lolis. She's a good deal shorter (she's 131 cm tall) and doesn't have as attractive of a body. I suppose that if you're into that type of girl she's definitely tempting, but I'm not into that type of fan. Excluding one part, but I'll discuss that next. She's also somewhat doll-like as well and looks great being carried. Also, look at that soft looking bottom (nsfw).

: Sure Topaz. You're certainly not a lolicon. That's why you know exactly where that image is, isn't it.

Grade: B-

Breasts: Surprising many people, for all of Hinata's shortcomings her chest isn't one of them. Hinata actually has the second largest breasts between the characters, and the only one surpassing her is the sizable Airi. For her age, and especially her size, she has good sized breasts. However, in the scheme of things she's only "average".

: Curse her for being so tiny yet having such fine breasts!
Grade: C

Clothes: Hinata, like the other girls, has been in plenty of outfits. There's obviously the main one, her gym uniform. However, unlike the other girls she wears red bloomers rather than spats. I do like bloomers more, but I'd prefer blue bloomers. She's also worn a maid outfit like the other girls, plus the sukumizu and apron combination. On the topic of school swimsuits, Hinata is still flat enough to look good in it. She's also worn a white bikini which looked nice and showed off her nice small cleavage.
Grade: A

Personality:  Hinata is a very kind, but naive, girl. Her voice, while not a common VA, is one that matches her character well. She speaks politely and uses tics (a common one is the "Ohh~" as an exclamation). She also speaks in the third person as well.

Hinata is also the token "girly girl" in the series. She's got a ton of stuffed animals that she sleeps with, and she's the "kawaii" girl as well. Not that I'm complaining, Hinata was never overly cute, she struck about the right balance. Out of the girl's basketball skills, she's probably the worse, though she does get quite a few good plays as people weren't expecting her to do well. She probably has one of the worst backstories of the girls. When she was younger, she got locked outside of the house and fell asleep on the porch. Unfortunately, the ensuring hypothermia is one of the reasons her body is so small. Because of this incident, her sister Kagetsu worries about her plenty. She almost got Hinata taken off the team, but thanks to Hinata's hard work she managed to stay on!
Grade: A

Libido: Hinata is mainly innocent, but she's not called "innocent charm" for no reason. She does have admirers but may or may not be acting naive. I think that she's secretly perverted. She's the one that pulled up her own dress for Subaru after all, and she loves hugging him as well (she's even grabbed his head with her whole body).
Grade: B-

Age: Hinata is indeed the youngest of the five girls, and I don't mean just judging by her looks. She's nearly a year younger than Airi, the oldest. She's in 6th grade like the other girls, but does look younger.
Grade: C-

Total Grades: 71
Average score: 7.8
Final Grade: B

: This is why you're a lolicon.

I'm not a lolicon! And besides, I don't like Hinata THAT way.Close, but no cigar.

: And by "cigar" you mean...

DON'T SAY THAT! I totally didn't mean it like that! I think it's time for you to stop hanging around Rin...

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