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31 DEC

"Illusions... are just like dreams. They definitely existed, and yet... Once you wake from your dream, they eventually fade from your memory." Matsuri-Sola

I decided to write my blog on dreams. After watching the anime Sola and starting to get into Shakugan no Shana i've realized that what if my dreams are really just illusion/torches? I don't like forgetting people or events, so i decided i would start writing down my "dreams" to attempt to not forget them. This is the first dream I will be recording.

Night of December 30,

Had a dream about my and my two brother being drove down to the old school i use to go to. We were going to go visit some om my teachers that we enjoyed having and missed. When we got there the entire school had been remodled and so we got lost. One of the offices ladies came up to us and dragged us into a room. She started talking about how it was rude of us to come visit them after school was over since the teachers just wanted to finish up their duties and head home. She basically yelled at us and told us to come back during the day. I sat there and argued with her for was seemed like 30 mins about how it would be rude coming back during the day because then we would just disrupt there classes. Finally one of the teachers walked in and talked about how he was glad we came to visit and that coming after school was the best choice after all. Then he droned on with up coming school events that were going on. *Wakes up*

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