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Um, hi. 

The name's Emi. Not really much to tell. But since this is an anime site, I might just tell you about which my favorite anime and manga is. 

Well, my favorite anime probably has to be Clannad. So cute and touching, wasn't it? My favorite part was when Ushio told Tomoya that she didn't want another robot and wanted the one she lost 'cause it was the first toy that her dad (a.k.a. Tomoya) bought her. My favorite character would have to be Akio and Kotomi.

And, now, I shall tell you about my favorite manga, which is called Naruto. I think pretty much everyone's heard of that series in their lives, right? That'd be weird if an otaku hasn't. (Haha.) Well, my favorite part in that was well, I have no idea actually. My favorite characters are Akamaru and Hinata.

Okay then. That is all I'm going to say here. Though if you want to talk to me, here's a link to one of my other accounts: http://www.quotev.com/EmiTamashi

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to watch anime and have a good time.

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Bogg Jun 10, 2012

Hi and welcome to A-P!

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Welcome to Anime-Planet!