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Zyst Aug 11, 2009

Welcome back. And good to hear you got a life this summer, I was originally going to go to the US for a month on summer vacation (As I have said, my mom was born in the US so I got double nationality) so I Was planning on spending the summer with one of my cousins... BUT the bastard got a new girlfriend, and my cousin is a sucker when it comes down to that, so to avoid getting in the way I decided to let him have a cousin-free summer so he could have fun. Oh well, talk to you soon I hope.

PS: If you didn't get laid at least twice I'll be pissed at you

PS#2: Do you have a girlfriend yet? Picz or it didn't happen?

Zyst Aug 10, 2009

Hello Hugo! It’s been a while, I’ve been seeing a lot of anime, but I really felt like making a longer review that usual, this is not one review or two, it’s three, so brace yourself. By the way, this are some of the better series I’ve seen this summer, I’ve been watching too much anime, so here goes.

Kara no Kyoukai


Overall: 1/1 This series... Well, I remember you told me something a while ago; “I want to watch something godly, something like Code Geass.”. Well, this is not quite there, but this is GODLIKE, definitely GODLIKE, and I mean on the same level as Death Note before L died. This is good, and I mean really good, the only downside is that it is not complete yet, but I rated it 4.5, hell, I don’t even like the gender and I thought it was ridiculously godlike, anime planet says it’s super sense and supernatural. Anyway, I’m starting the review.

Animation: 1.2/1 Yes, this was THAT awesome, remember 5cm per second? Well if you do try to recall the rocket launching scene, it’s THAT good. This is just flawless, it’s a gem within anime, and everything is fluid and I mean it in an amazing way which you have to see to understand, but this anime contains the best battle scene I have ever had the fortune to see, by far,  you’ll understand when you see it, the movements while being obviously too agile for normal humans keep complete sense that the person is still a human, there’s no flying scenes or anything that wouldn’t make sense for a human, it keeps limits that also make this beautiful, they push it to the limits without make it ridiculous in a superb way, definitely worth the extra .2. The colors of the series are perfect in every sense of the word, the colors match the serie dark nature without lowering the quality one bit, it’s just way too good.

Storyline: .8/1 The story, while not making too much sense at first, is definitely good, very worthwhile and definitely an attention catcher, you are not bored one second. I’m not getting into details on this one, since it’s better for you to watch it, but I can assure it’s worthwhile.

Sound: .7/1 This soundtrack was definitely good, the sound blended with the background in a smooth way, it wasn’t hard on your ears and allowed you to focus on the anime completely, but it falls from great easily since if you DO try to listen to it, while it does suit the current actions/etc it’s not really great, just saying that while it might make a good experience out of the anime, it will never be the kind of soundtrack you download half a second after you finish the anime because it was so awesome (Think Ah! My Goddess!).

Characters: .7/1 While the characters were not THAT complex, they were obviously human, they had physiological problems that didn’t revolve around something trivial, although there is practically no development that is good, since this anime really doesn’t call for it, you get told and find out what you need to know, that’s it, and this is honestly the first time when I have been o-k with not knowing much about the anime characters and such. The characters themselves, while a bit too irrational at times, always keep humanity in mind... most of the time. The dark theme of the story suits them very much so, although episode 6 was certainly a waste of time (compared to the others), they failed in a way… I mean they introduce sometimes useless characters, but still the end they are still good.

Thus, overall +1, Animations +1.2, Storyline +.8, Sound +.7, Characters +.7 that makes it 4.4 total score, thus 4.5.

That is it for review # 1… holy shit, I swear the other two won’t be as long, anyway, continuing.

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

Overall: .8/1 - .1 cause =.7: too cliché. Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, this is the best “school life” theme anime I’ve seen since Toradora (which I watched while it aired so bleh, I don’t mean in the sense of the best in the genre), probably, it feels way too much like an H-Game, but I don’t mind that one bit (There IS an H-game from which the anime was based on, so bleh). This anime is pretty balanced, although the Harem feeling feels a bit too obvious, and the character types are stereotypical as hell (formation is: Little Sister, Tsundere, Princess, Glasses girl, Senpai, School Pres, Childhood Friend.) it doesn’t reduce even a bit from the anime itself, since they manage it decently, the characters honestly lack some development, but it’s still really good, but there’s nothing out of the mold, the story is managed properly and actually HAS development, unlike most of the anime in this genre the main character is not a pussy (which I will explain a bit more in detail on the character section) and the writer succeeds in making the story progress by making choices instead of a classic development where the character is at loss of who to pick, yet everyone is still unconditionally in love with him.

Animation: 1/1 -.1 = .9 Cause: You got to see the haircuts of the president and the tsundere to understand this one. The animation really gave life to this anime,  the colors were radiant and felt really right for the lighthearted feeling the anime carries, the girls design (not including some haircuts) is REALLY good, hell I even considered getting the H-game cause screwing those girls would be sooo awesome, but there’s no translation so bleh. Animation is REALLY good, specially character-wise, the backgrounds were also really good and everything had a colorful feeling, I really liked this about this anime.

Storyline: .7/1 +. Cause: This author has guts = .8. The storyline of this, while basic has something most harems fail at doing, this is DEVELOPMENT, yes, the character actually isn’t a fucking wuss, which really gives some + points to it, and the ending really REAAAALLY takes guts, you’ll have to see it, but I certainly know why the average rating of this anime is 3/5 stars in AP, and it’s definitely cause of the ending, then again, you are not a retard, thus I’m sure you’ll like it.

Sound: .5/1 Bleh, just bleh, this soundtrack was… there, it fit the background, but far from anything awesome, the OP and ED kind of sucked too, so I can’t even give points for that, so yeah, no real comments on this.

Characters: .8/1. This is the hard point of the anime, the male protagonist, while by no means a womanizer, I got to accept, he has guts. He’s the classic Stupid guy, but this one has a dark past (which gives half an episode of quite shitty development, who cares about the guy problems anyway.) but the male design is pretty good, he’s at least fucking good looking (Not a Kei-wanna-be who somehow still gets a Harem) and while not exactly a super male protagonist, he doesn’t give much window to boredom since his actions are kind of random and interesting. The girls lineup was already mentioned above, formation is: Little Sister, Tsundere, Princess, Glasses girl, Senpai, School Pres, Childhood Friend. So go figure about that one, not getting into details since I’m lazy.

Thus, adding up the above the total is 3.6 I think, I added up .4 cause of the author guts and manliness, thus 4.0 Stars.

And first, I said this would be three reviews, but I’ve been writing like 15 minutes now and I’m sick of it, I’ll give you the third review some other day. PS: The third anime is called Ef~ A tale of Memories, and holy shit did I like it (one of the characters made my internal wuss go AWWWW (I want to protect her kind of thing) definitely worth it.

PS: Half Prince 31 is out.. it is good ^^.

PS#2: The Author had a novel released about Half Prince, apparently before the manga was out, I plan on reading it, if you want it I’ll tell you if it’s worthwhile.

See ya later.

Zyst Jul 25, 2009

I am doing a new review, even though you didn't ask for it, even if you didn't plan to, maybe in the future you will stumble upon the anime known as "Tayutama" or "Kiss on my Diety" so I will save you from the fate of wasting your time on this crap.

First of all, the story revolves around a guy, who has "paranormal powers" which allow him to see spirits and comunicate with them (Imagine a Cute Shrine Priestess? Well now make it a guy and that's what you get). The story itself is RETARDED, and I mean STUPID AS HELL. Seriously, I mean, the whole story revolves around a really retarded accident, like, (if you have ever seen the youtube series "How it should have ended..." It shows alternate ways to solve the problems the plots in movies, in a sarcastic way, I actually recommend that.) it was RETARDED, I will spoil just a bit from the first episode, it shouldn't matter because hopefully you won't be watching this way. 

First: The guy just decides to explore the digging area next to his school, which was suddenly halted because they found something which could be a relic.

BEEP ok Mistake number one, if they were digging with freaking machines, the (underground) ..piece of lumber, which they called a tree for some odd reason would have been destroyed, but somehow the tree and the surrounding pillars are completely intact. (Note: It almost looks like work done by professional arqueologists, seriously)

Second: The guy goes all the way there, to chat with the local goddess. For some odd reason he brings along his friends.... That's right, he took his friends to a tree (which you find out is a seal by then) to chat with the goddess.

BEEP ok, I believe this one is easy enough to figure out by yourself, what kind of priest is this retard?

Third: The guy is chatting with the goddess, who tells him to tell the humans to burry the (tree?) again. The guy accepts, but a "dark shadow" screams from inside the log as well, shit like LIKE I'D LET YOU! The girl he brought along freaks out, he tells her to run away, and the girl stupidly turns on her scooter, revs the machine and somehow the scooter kind of does that thing where in stands in one wheel, moves by itself, the girl lets it go and it conviniently hits the tree in the middle, and cracks open!!.

BEEP WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? Let alone the ridiculous amount of coincidences, the fucking tree witstood digging machines, but crumbled under the might of the scooter? No more comments on this to avoid repeating the phrase above.

Fourth: Then a girl comes out (oh how unpredictable) and for some reason feels like marrying the asshat who released her along with 15,000 "Tayutai" (Kind of like Youkai, hope you know what that is) anyway, I'm just going to stop bashing it and give my grade on it.

Storyline: 0.3 Read above, and that's just my bashing of the first episode, I seriously hated this, I'm surprised I didn't drop it.

Character Design: 0.8 Most of the girls are REALLY cute, and they make everything pretty lively.

Animation: 0.6 This one just felt like a big waste, I'm sure they spent quite a bit on people to draw this, but it was pointless, it sucks.

Sountrack: 0.4 The music is good, but not anywhere near a good experience, it's just... there, I mean, it matches the scene (most of the time) but there's nothing to make you feel like it's special, it's just subpar at most.

Fantasy/Romance: 0.2 Stupid, plain, plain stupid. I mean, the action scenes are well animated, but it's just dumb, not worth it, really. The romance is not even worth mentioning, it's just.. so bad...

Total 2.3 Stars, thought of putting 2.5 on the rating, but it's so bad that I'm lowering it to 2 stars.

Summary: Don't watch this.

Zyst Jul 21, 2009

O-k, this is my review for Great Teacher Onizuka! Also known as GTO.

The story revolves around a teacher (who was a juvenile delinquent), and his "adventures" with his Students, who apparently REALLY hate New Homeroom teachers for some odd reason, and attack them with (pretty advanced, I got to accept I didn't think of two of the things they did) psychological warfare, driving them to the edge of histeria, and making them quit. Then Onizuka arrives, the main character is easy to describe with some keywords:

Ridiculously Stupid.

Ridiculously Manly.

Ridiculously Hilarious.

Ridiculously Weird.

Yeah, the main character is a manly oddball, seriously, but this is funny in its own way. The characters could have a lot of space for development, psychologically wise, in the end it's a really good story, but I would have liked more detail on the characters lifes. The animation is honestly a big point taker in this anime, the main character has a lot of facial expressions, that's cool, however every other character is pretty limited, they seem a bit too still at times, however this anime does live up to its "Godly" title, I laughed out loud many times (this hardly happens, I have to be ridiculously mind raped, or be seeing something ridiculously gory to laugh like that, although I guess that's weird) But it has 'softcore' (compared to others) humour. 

Thus, it's really enjoyable. It's more than worthwhile, a must watch definetly (although not quite in league with what I consider Godly, seriously, watch FLCL before this, it's shorter anyway). Anyway, really worthwhile.

+1 storyline, +.7 Character Development, +.8 Comedy, +.4 Animations, +1 sountrack. 

Grade 3.9, thus 4.0 Stars.

Hope you enjoy it!

Zyst Jul 19, 2009

yo, I saw that you just finished watching Blue Drop and Candy Boy, mind giving me a short review? As in, word watching or not?? I've been curious about Candy Boy for a while, it seems funny, about Blue Drop, I had it on my want-to-watch for some odd reason, but I have never gotten around watching it. By the way, I finished when they cry, awesome series, really. It really does gain a lot of depth after a while, and since I love the psychological genre (Which, for some odd reason doesn't count as a gender I can put on my top 3 genders.) I just LOVED it, I rated it 4/5 or 4.5/5, I don't remember too well, but over all, it's really good.