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Hello! Welcome to my profile.

I just got into anime recently (around 1/2 year ago), when I ran out of good animated movies and cartoons to watch. That being said, I love anime movies (and arts and crafts, by the way). I'm also a big fan of opening songs and soundtracks of all kinds (they don't even have to be animated, though that would make it 10 times better...)

As someone relatively new to anime, I welcome recommendations, random friend requests,  and any discussion about anime. When I watch anime, I like to find out what exactly I like and dislike about it, so I often have a lot to say about a series. Seriously, feel free to talk! I like to learn things from anime, whether life lessons, or simply the Japanese language. I believe that using Japanese does not make one a weeaboo, so feel free to attempt Japanese with me.

Yes, gasp all you want, but I love spoilers. Books, anime, anything. I like to make sure that I like what's going on and I won't be confused, so I look up episode plots on Wikipedia and read them beforehand. I also look up characters on wikis right when I meet them. I like to plan out my anime, so much of my time is spent researching rather rather than watching anime. 

First anime: Fruits Basket
100th anime: Ha, I'll get there someday!

Best openings and ending songs: Hyouka
Best OSTs: Accel World
Least favorite anime: I'm sorry, Kimi ni Todoke. (The plot simply moves too slowly!) 

Recently, a friend asked me why I liked anime. That's obvious, isn't it? Good stories and cute characters, the same reason probably many people like anime. You can live life at a faster pace, have awesome adventures, and be taken away from this world (not that this world is bad, but wouldn't it be nice to experience other ones, too?)

Why don't I do recommendations when I have so much to say?
Well, I guess that's just because I am lazy, or think I can better spend my time researching and watching anime, since I have so much to see! 

My rating system: 
I like to stay positive, so I like to think that there's always going to be a better anime, so I never give 10s. I also never give anything 5 or below because I believe there are no bad anime. Sure, some anime are worse than others, but hey, no one intended it to be worse. Effort points. I rate based on my feelings at the time, so I don't change my ratings once I make them. Additionally, I subconsciously try to even out my ratings to keep an average of 7.5, so my ratings for an anime are somewhat based on the quality of the previous anime I finished. I only rate anime that I have practically finished, since I don't like to jump to conclusions. I rate all anime of the same series together, including sequels, OVAs, movies, and specials. However, I do rate anime in alternative settings separately. I never actually "Drop" anime, since I like to be able to reconsider anytime. However, when I put an anime as "Stalling," you can consider that I won't be watching them anytime soon.

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