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In Full Bloom

Feb 4, 2013

Disclaimer: I've only read up to the amount that has been translated into English (ch. 42) the rest hasn't been translated so I cannot comment on it.

In Full Bloom is, first and formost, a beautifully drawn manhwa. Like most manhwa I've encountered, it is in full color and holds a very ancient asian/caligraphy like feel with thick lines and much of the same color scheme throughout the manhwa. The primary colors are deep cool colors, pale skin tones and bright contrasting red colors. The landscapes are beautiful and unique. The only downfall to the art is a lot of the faces look very similar. So similar, in fact, that at the beginning you're confused by which character is which. Really, the only way to truly tell at the beginning are the characters' clothing and distringuishing facial feautres (such as scars or lines under the eyes.)

The story for this manhwa is truly excellent. It's in depth, suspensful and fun to watch as it unfolds. The mind and poltical battle taking place is as interesting and intense as any action packed manhwa/manga that I've read. The only thing really lacking is the character development. Not nessacarily the characters at the beginning, I feel as a whole they are all very interesting and intricate, but the progression through the story leaves them very much the same. There is no change in these intricate but reather static characters.

One of the most interesting elements to this manhwa is the back stories to the characters. They all begin as very black and white characters/stories, but gradually fade into grey. You learn that horrific and difficult pasts are what really bind the characters together.

Overall, a very interesting manhwa and definitely worth a read. I just wish they would translate the rest already!! Darn you egscans!!! :<

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9/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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