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Girls und Panzer

Nov 2, 2012

My oppinion after seeing the first episode.

The absurdity of the premise for this anime is notable. In a world where studying tank warfare is the penultimate in feminity... a young girl who wants nothing to do with the sport because of a bad experiance in the past is coerced by the student council to take up senshyado or "the way of the tank" when their school revives the art. 

The mix of CGI for the tanks in the begining with the diffrent style for the girls dosen't work well for me, I don't like the effect. 

Like I said, a bit absurd. The joke was funny enough for one episide, I'm just not convinced that this will play out well as a full series. Other than that, the animation, and the characters seem standard enough. Nothing really special. 

6/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
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MrChearlie Sep 25, 2013

 For the reviewer but as well an answer for Krauser. 

1.- As you said the, it is a free country, you are free to write wathever you want as long it isn't breaking any rule or sort of thing, you can see there are episodic reviews all over youtube that only said wow that was awesome and don't really bring anything to the viewer/reader but who can't stop them to do that, if you want to revew something that you only watch 2 episodes you are on your right.

Beside, looking the premise and name of the anime it was pretty easy to see what this aim for and this review confirms my expectations so I actually learn reading your review, if the show do gets better and you are wrong, well, maybe someone will try to convince you it is good and go through all, but if they didn't even give good argument then it is worthless, and if they just simply don't like it, they could read other reviews and in case they don't fint any, they could write theirs.

Maybe getting on the side of Krauser, it bothers me that you have the anime stalled instead of dropped (when you clearly said that in the comments), if it is stalled it means you will finish it later, if droped you can guess he didn't like it, while watching you can guess the review is what a person thinks the show will be even before the show has ended, but stalled it's kind of a weird position to do reviews since you are giving the value that is worth finish it but at the same time is not, my point is not clearly but I hope you understand what I mean.

2.-Bias is your best weapon, people just need to learn how to use and don't go blind, otherwise it can be harmfull for themselves, since it is actually your point of view, I am very carefull with my reviews, and give my effort to become better at it, and that had lead me to dislike one-paragraph "reviews", a review is suppose to be your point of view of a general overview of what you are reviewng and letting know the readers what they are getting in, in the case of your review on Aku no hana, when I could even said that I will disagree with your point of view, but I won't disagree that, maybe not of excellence, but it is a good review, you give a fuck about the scores except for the overall and accomplish what a review is supposed to do, comparing with the others when you give a score for music and you don't even said why, so it ends being a little redundant since not everyone knows what value has the scoring of someone else until it is explained in the review like, MUSIC IS GREAT!.

Maybe in this case a short review is expected but it will still be good to have more details about it to know what we might watch, see it like if youre explaining someone how is an elepanth without telling him, that it is an elephant, in other words, be specific so people get the idea, but don't spoil so they enjoy discovering it for themselves. 

Sorry for the long wall of text, I just wanted to share my opinion. 

ecdrewello1 Jan 10, 2013

Considering the first line says: "My opinion after watching the first episode"... I don't think anyone who reads the following paragraph is going to be expecting anything other than an opinion. It isn’t a long review, and it doesn’t go into senseless polemics; just my reasons why I’m not going to continue to watch the show. Not everyone wants to write a dissertation level review of anime episodes, especially ones that are as vapid and pointless as this one was. I don't believe in writing about every single detail... because if someone wants to know that bad, they can watch the 20 minute episode and decide for themselves what they think. Considering this is a free county, people can write what they want AND people can read or *not* read what they want. The idea that someone would have to watch the whole series and refrain from voicing opinion on a personal anime tracking website is also a bit absurd. This is after all anime, and not the war in Afghanistan.

If a good, balanced, "objective" review of this anime is lacking in the English language, then I urge you to lead the initiative to write it for the dozens of fans out there who not only love this anime, but also want college level analysis... and don't subscribe to one of the English language otaku mags. 


Krauser Jan 9, 2013

Two rules of the thumb:

Don't write reviews if all you did was watching only one episode.

Also, a review is supposed to be a review as the title indicates. It should be as objective as possible. You however type in a very biased manner.

People that read your "review" don't learn much about this anime other than the fact that you don't like it, so it's not really helpful.

So please do us a favor and refrain from writing reviews and instead use the rating system in the future.

coolyfooly Nov 5, 2012

I thought it could of been a good show, but whatever cokehead subbed that kept mixing in german and english words. 

It's not that they couldn't be understood but more that it was just a damn aggravation. I'm taking the flick my retina's down at the bottom of the screen and read what's being said all the while keeping half eyes on the screen.  I don't need to be literally pausing mid thought while my brain acts like a HDD going the hell? And then sifting through trying to match another language for the language I can't understand, and then translate it to my native language.

I mean it's kinda idiotic.  Would ya write down german conversation in german in a old ww2 flick like the longest day?  No, because you would be considered retarded for doing so.   Anyway that was my gripe, well and the odd thing with these elementry looking school girls with the aircraft carrier and tanks?   Can't really comment on it as the subs killed any advancment passted episode 3 for me.