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Inu x Boku SS

16 JAN

Inu x Boku SS, (English: Dog X Me Secret Service) by the title alone brought to mind images of some sappy, otaku-pandering love-fest... however; as a sucker for yokai stories, and the alure of a promised "Kitsune" (Japanese fox-spirit) appearing as the "Inu" I decided to give this a one episode trial. I have to say that I was very pleasently suprised. The main charachter Ririchiyo Shiirachin is a member of an elite and wealthy family.Her unusual name, and her unusual way of addressing herself with the masculine "boku" (I) rather than a female "watashi" or some other dirivitive of the first person... adds to the mystery of her peson which unfolds in the first episode. I'm not a fan of giving away plot information so sorry if this review is lacking on that ground. One last note for those who may be Japanese culture nerds out there... the room that Ririchiyo is staying in "4" is creepy because the number four is associated with death in Japan.

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SadisticTendencies avatar SadisticTendencies
Jan 17, 2012

Thanks for a helpful review, I've been pondering whether to watch this or not, and now I'll at least give it a chance. Ever since Mononoke and xxxHolic I've been interested in learning more about Japanese myths and spirituality, but looks like I never actually take the time to do it.

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