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Jan 23, 2013

I was initially drawn to the anime by the cover.
I'm so glad I was sucked into the world of Btooom! and its awesomeness!
I devoured this anime in a single day!

Yes, I too can see some similarities of the plot to other stories (Battle Royale, Hunger Games, .Hack/, Condemned) With that being said what can you watch or read these days that you can't find something comparatively similar somewhere else?

Ryouta a self confident gamer is dropped on an island into to none other than his favorite pass time game Btooom! But now its no longer a game but reality with his life on the line. Weapons of choice bombs! Ryouta struggles with the ideas of right and wrong, while in the game it was easy to kill but in reality a little harder to stomach. 

This anime offers so much more than I expected. I like the suspense of a bomb oriented method of battling. It offers a thrill and strategy behind the action. I also enjoyed the realistic back story. The romantic equation unexpected and done well. It was well balanced between the action/suspense/romance a winning combination!

I'm impatiently waiting for a season 2!!


Don't We All Know Someone We Would Ship off for a Big Pay Day??

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10/10 overall
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