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Future Dairy


I just finished watching the Future Diary.

I know I’m not going to be capable of describing my true feelings about this anime but for now let’s just start off with how much I loved it. I would also like to mention that at times it gave me the familiar vibes of another anime that I truly loved Death Note. To me they both had that same kind of intense suspenseful thriller atmosphere I was always hanging on the edge of my seat for what comes next. Trying to figure out the end and utterly failing at (which is the best part). It’s rare for me to watch something and not be able to predict the ending or at least some of the major points. With this anime I can honestly say I got near to nothing correct when the revealers started happening.

I also really enjoyed Yuno and her manic character which reminded me of Light Yagami (Kira) from death note with how the both got desperate and insane at times. Yuno also reminded me of Misa Amane also from Death Note both of the girls had some pretty psychotic and intense feelings for their romantic counterparts. Needless to say I truly enjoyed Yuno she made the show.

It took me a little longer to warm up to Yuki he was a little annoying but not so much so that I couldn’t stand him. In fact began to see Yuki through Yuno’s eyes (what I believe). Yuno saw an endearing naïve, and innocent boy who needed shelter. Yuki retained his innocence and his naivety through the larger majority of the show often letting Yuno do the dirty work or claiming he would be able fix/save everything/everyone he believed that there would be no sacrifice. Yuno found her own innocence (which she had lost) reflected in Yuki and wanted to protect that.

I was pretty satisfied with the ending but as with almost any anime that I enjoy this much wanted to see more of Yuki and Yuno . . .  bitter sweet. . .

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