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Ah! My Goddess TV

Dec 17, 2009

Ok, this is my first review, so I'll be mirroring some other reviews I read and liked. To start...

Story: The story is centered around Keiichi, a rather unlucky college student. I won't sum up the story, because that has already been done, so I'll just explain the story type. For the most part, the main arc is pretty obvious: Keiichi's and Belldandy's budding romance. Apart from that, the story is more or less episodic, with several more of Belldandy's sisters coming to live with them, only having a story arc that really lasts more than an episode or two happening near the beginning and end of the series. I gave this a 9 out of ten because it was, for me, entertaining all the way through, but not extremely innovative. It was solid and got the job done, but didn't have anything that was just spectacular. Finally, while watching the series itself, I felt like the romance between Belldandy and Keiichi was perhaps even too slow for much of it... until I started watching the OVA, which made me like the pace much more.

Animation: The animation was fairly good, but, like the story, lacking anything truly spectacular. All the characters were well made (I liked them even more after watching some of the OVA), with some scenes standing out, mainly when Belldandy was with her angel, Holy Bell.

Sound: The OP and ED weren't particularly amazing, but they were acceptable. The sound during the series itself didn't particularly stand out, but it went quite well with the mood of the story.

Characters: This was, in my opinion, the best part of the story. By having a limited main cast at the start of the series, they made the other Goddesses even better, making a stark contrast as each new Goddess joined the main cast. I personally loved Belldandy, but Urd was a close second, leaving Skuld lagging behind, but even she slowly grew on me. Keiichi was slightly irritating, failing time and time again to make a move, but it reminded me of my first relationship... so yeah... I never disliked him, and I felt for his insane amount of bad luck, completely getting used and abused by almost every character. Finally, the minor character were also well done. Of note, I would like to mention the God of poverty. He has the same voice actor as the narrator from Hayate no Gotoku, and is just hilarious. He was by far the most humorous character in the entire series. The Senpais, Megumi, and the other people on campus were also well portrayed and did whatever job they had in the story quite well.

Overall: A great anime altogether. A must see if you like this type of genre (or in general).

Thank you for reading my review and any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you^.^

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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