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Lotte no Omocha!

29 JUN

Originally seeing the story behind this series, I had no expectations whatsoever. However, as the series progressed, I was given a pleasant surprise. The series ended up actually being decent enough to finish, despite all of my preconceived conceptions. Anyways, I shall continue.


Well, I had hoped the story could have been done a little better- it had a chance to be a much better one. However, it still managed to be fairly touching when it tried. There was a bit too much ecchi and filer for it to be too great of a story, but, as I said, it was still much better than expected. The ending is also a slight cop out.


Both these are well done. The art is all pretty, the voices are well done, and the OP/ED are great. Can't say that the soundtrack itself is shockingly great, but it is at least decent.


Well, there are some good characters in this show, but almost all of them lack development, a large  of them are rather cliched, and quite a few aren't that likable.

This is a rather short review, but this show has all the shallow aspects down really well, and made an attempt at a good story (which is actually good for the most part), but it has too much filler for a short series to be great.


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