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Star Driver

Apr 4, 2011

Star Driver, Star Driver... where do I start? From the moment I heard the phrase "ginga bishounen," or galatic pretty boy, I knew this series was either going to be something epic, or some piece of trash that I will forever regret finishing. This show was... a ride. Brilliant and stupid at the same time, constantly keeping you off-balance with over the top humor, action, and plot. While this is far from a master-piece, it is still a very entertaining series that will keep you waiting for another episode. Be it the dichotomy of school and mechas interplaying throughout the series, the rough and tumble action balanced by the comedy, romance and friendship. If you don't enjoy fantastically ridiculous series, stop reading right here and never think of watching this series. If what is going on in your series needs to make sense the entire time, if understanding what exactly is going on is a necessity, leave this series. However, if you want a plot that makes you laugh because it is so stupid, people fighting by night and being friendly by day, or people doing things which are basically impossible in-universe, you have come to the right place.

Story: ???/10

The story is something that's slightly hard to quantify. While being so stupid it might as well be a farce of any other serious series, it seems to fit within the picture of this series. While they seem to just pile on horrendous twists and plot devices, it feels right. By this is no East of Eden. It is laughable, but enjoyable. It manages to be horrible, but delightfully pleasent to ingest. And this is what will either let you love or hate this series.

Animation: 8/10

The final moments of this series are very reminiscent of Gurren Lagann, but, other than that, everything is extremely well done. The characters are attractive (and I'm not talking about the borderline S&M uniforms the female members of kiraboshi dawn). Color abounds, motion is nice, characters are unique, and the fights are fluid.

Sound: 8/10

One of the original ques that lead me to this show happens to be the abounding voice talent in this series. Ranging from relative new comers such as Mamoru Miyano and Saori Hayami to long standing stars like Akira Ishida. That being said, the voice actors all did a great job. The OP and ED themselves which are very catchy. The music throughout was well done, with only the last scene being fresh enough to stand out in my mind as "memorably well done."

Characters: 9/10

This series has some really great characters. Many different characters aredeveloped extremely well and are very likable. This, apart from how well the did the absurd, was the strength of the show. Relationships were built, emotions felt, friends made, and desires crushed.

This series is not something I can recommend everyone. Despite all the praises I sing of it, I realize, as I have previously stated, that this is no masterpiece. I know what I call an extremely fun ride will have others yelling garbage. But, fans of the fantastic, lovers of the ludicrous, those itching for the insane, I suggest you look here.

?/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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