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This is easily the least consistant series this season, and probably the least consistant series from the last few seasons as a whole. It's very common in this series to go from a hilarious episode to a very serious episode with a decent story to an episode... that was just terrible. Overall, this series is a mixture of comedy, several generally distinct genres raised to an absurb level (vampire ninjas? really?!), a bit of plot, and a lot of ecchi scenes and shots. The comedy mainly comes from the parody in the form of over the top, genre benders.


The story of this series seems to be largly thrown together and halfassed at points, but fairly well put together at others, making it difficult to see what they actually deserve and what they just lucked into at points whilst bumbling about through an otherwise stupid story. Often, especially near the beginning of the series, they just randomly mention things or bring them out of nowhere, to never be touched again. Also, the main plot for the first portion of the series seems to have been finished up and done, and they just randomly put a new story into the series.


Possibly the strongest point of the series, with somewhat cliched character designes but, overall, smooth animation and designs that fit their characters quite well.


I can't really say that there was any stand out sound work done in this series, the OP/ED were decent and the VAs were all decent, but not really amazing.


Once again, a lot of them were somewhat cliched, although with a few things that make them at the very least rememerable.


If you were a fan of stupid humor, over-the-top parody or ecchi series, then this series would probably be worth looking into. Other than that, the series really lacked enough consistancy to be worth watching.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Tokugashi Apr 8, 2011

The series was meant to be light hearted and silly, not what you were looking for. Good job reading the Light Novel.