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I will preface this review with a somewhat obvious statement: If you did not like the original, you aren't going to enjoy this one. If you enjoyed the first, you will probably enjoy this one too. I will start out by saying that the first episode or two will be a punch in the stomach for those of you that were thrilled by the end of season one... because they basically go back to square one. Or worse. And it is just as... frustrating as the small set backs in season one, but, if that doesn't make you fall more in love with the series, then you probably couldn't have finished season one and wouldn't be giving this season a chance. I will also note that this series is only 12 episodes, giving it a feeling of missing some attachment I had for season one, which is a little disappointing, but that isn't by any means a completely negative comment. That said, I shall get onto the bulk of the review.

Story: 9/10

Similar to the first season, many a highschool antic gets in between Sawako and Kazaya, but that is what makes this series touching. The characters begin to grow, emotions are captured, interesting events happen- even if a bit slowly. And that is one of the things that I loved about this series. If you can take the slow nature of the story, although it isn't as slow as season one, IMO, then I can't see you NOT loving it as well.

Animation: 8/10

No real action scenes to truly define the series, but great character designs overall, combined with genre shifts when appropriate, making the characters seem to properly express their emotions make this a clean series to watch and enjoy.

Sound: 8/10

The OP and ED are very much in the same vane as the first season- very fitting. The voice acting is very well done, bringing in a lot of big names from the last season and adding new talent in a rather important secondary character. The songs are well done, adding to the mood in a good way, although lacking much truly awe-inspiring moments.

Characters: 9/10

This is the make or break point for slow shows of this nature. The first season spent a long time developing a large number of the background characters, and that is what really got a large part of the audience to fall for it. Now, a major woe in the first season was that the least developed character happened to be an important one: Kazaya. They go about fixing this in a believable, albeit slightly depressing form. They take him off his metaphorical pedestal by giving him this new form of life. But this is good, it makes him relatable and more likable. Aside from that, they do a good job introducing a new character to stir everything up, and leave the old characters all in the same roles they had in the first season.

Overall: 8.5

I absolutely adore these series. If you liked the first season, you should stop reading here and jump on the second. Like I said, it isn't quite as... emotionally connecting as season one, but it is also half the length. Also, it could be because I marathoned about half of season one, while I watched all of S2 week by week (sans the delay caused by the earthquakes and such). Either way, if you're a fan of slow paced, shoujo, love stories, I strongly recommend this series.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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