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Soul Eater

Jan 9, 2011

This series was, at the very least, a fun ride. I more or less marathoned all 51 episodes in about 3 days or so, meaning that you would think it couldn't be that bad- which it wasn't. The show managed to bounce between serious issues (at least serious within their reality) and humor while portraying more or less interesting characters. Many of the characters are well developed, although a few of the more interesting ones (the Thompson sisters and Tsubaki) are left kind of out to dry. Despite this, there are a number of developed characters and static characters going through an interesting, albeit predictable, story.

Story: Although not completely original, I beleive Soul Eater does a fairly good job keeping it interesting and maintaining a good enough pace for the flaws to not be seen. They do a fairly good job of dropping little story lines here and there to be picked up at a later time (although, I would like to know a bit of the after story about Maka and Soul, and to finally meet Maka's mother). Anyways, they do a good job keeping the story believable while developing several characters in a rather satisfactory fashion. I will also say that the last 5 episodes or so have some of the most, for lack of a better word, epic battles taking place, slightly ruined with a 10 minute speech near the end (you'll know it when you see it) and a regretable end to the final bout.

Animation: As expected of a shonen series, and of Bones (one of my favorite studios), the actions are smooth and well executed, the character designs, although rather non-traditional, are interesting, and the scenery is both great and unique. With a sun and moon that look terrifying, houses popping out at odd angles, and an over-the-top shinigami running a school, you couldn't ask for too much more.

Sound: I, personally, loved both OPs and one of the EDs (a bit of a TM Revolution/Abingdon School Boys fanboy) but, the other 3 (I Think) EDs didn't quite measure up as much. The voice acting stared a very interesting sounding star-Chiaki OMIGAWA taking the lead role. Apart from her, everyone else does a great job, despite the main characters being all up and coming with few or no major roles prior taking high speaking roles. A few heavy hitters take up their roles as secondary characters, and they do their jobs mixing in comic relief and leadership within the school.

Characters: With a rather large cast, there are, of course, a number of characters lacking depth. However, the lead characters, for the most part, all have interesting stories with a lot added to them. They all have motivations, doubts, insecurities, and goals, making them relatable. Additionally, several of the secondary characters, namely Dr. Stein, Spirit, and Shinigami, all do a good job adding both comic relief and a bit of bad-assery to the supporting cast. Stein especially has an interesting plot going for him and is well developed. Finally, I will mention Excalibur. Perhaps the icing on the cake of this show. He is so, as the characters say, obnoxious, that you can't help but laugh at everything about him. Takehito KOYASU does a GREAT job making him so outrageous that you either love him or hate him. And with that, all I have to say is- I'm going to California~

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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