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Taishou Yakyuu Musume


Did you love K-On!? Do you wish there was another season, but set in the 1920's?! Well, this is your show.

Basically all the moe in K-On!, centered around baseball, this show, although lacking in many areas, is entertaining enough for a watch. The quality of the animation is, as expected from JC Staff, strong. The voice actors do a rather good job, portraying the rich with a snobish voice and the dull with an appropriate one as well. Although there is little character development, and the story isn't exactly revolutionary, the anime itself isn't overly boring. Finally, I would like to say I rather enjoyed the ED, Yume Miro Kokoro, and that the rest of the music in the show was passable, although not altogether spectacular. If you are looking for something light, or just for your daily dose of moe and baseball, this is a great show to watch. With that, I leave you with a screen shot that made me wince.

Oh, the splits. You hurt me so.

I give it a 7/10 overall.

My personal score is, however, an 8/10, because I likey moe.

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