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fuz10n says...

Not a whole lot. Working night shift in IT...that kinda sucks, but I'll live. Rewatching Chobits and GTO currently. Ahh love them. Berserk is getting a remake soon, I hear.What have you been up to? You still back home, or did you come back to VA?

Sep 29, 2011
fuz10n says...

(That would be not Salas, but the Dean type of Andrew)

Sep 17, 2011
fuz10n says...

Dude! Been a while! I searched for your AIM screen name like a stalker and found this profile, so if you see this, hit me up! I'm on facebook. (It's Andrew from Plow and Hearth)

Sep 17, 2011
reginabojippers says...


Aug 31, 2010