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Just your typical 19 year old asian otaku. :) Cheers.


As you can see from my top 5, my tastes vary quite a bit though I'm a complete sucker for sad/inspirational stories. If you know a few, feel free to recommend it. :)

In all honesty, I'm more of a manga person and I try to stray as much as I can from the mainstream but sometimes it is just too irresistable to let out a "Bankai!"

I actually have a list of anime and mangas I have watched and yet to watch on separate Notepad documents. They are both rather long so I'm going to wait until the weekend to add them here. :P

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What?! No manga ratings?

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MajinV Feb 1, 2009

a franco-canadian-asian? :P

MajinV Jan 27, 2009

oh i see, i get it now... i used to be like that, im now just a typical 28yo american otaku lol

where r you from?

redfire389 Jan 27, 2009

hey, nice top 5 I also try not go to the most famous anime but  I still love bleach ^_^. I try to watch everything I can, im watcchin almost all the new anime that comes out and a lot of them soon try to get on my top 5 xd.


I can recommend hanbun no tsuki, fantastic children, ga-rei zero, and some more I dont remember.. they are all pretty interesting and sad.

see you around  ;)

redfire389 Jan 26, 2009

I dont know any asian otaku xd.  anyway welcome to AP xd, have fun

MajinV Jan 26, 2009

how is a typical 19 year old asian otaku? just to know



welcome =)