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elemein Mar 19, 2014

It's unfortunate you had so much hate to say about my review of Fate/Zero. It seems our views differ greatly and that's too bad. I don't understand how you can infer so much about a human being (me) based on an internet review of an anime on one subject matter (F/Z), but if you believe that's a reliable means to understand much about a person, feel free to. It's good you were entertained by ufotable's work and enjoyed the anime; it's nice to find something work spending time on. I disliked the anime and my views were displayed. It seems you were attempting to review my review (and somehow through that, me as a person), and that didn't go over too well (it normally does not, as you will find out if you review other people's reviews often), and I remind you that the comment section is for questions or differing opinions on the anime and not the reviewer as a person at hand.

Best Regards,