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This acount is shared between RIni Yamori And Arkeyda Winters:

    Hayyyyyy everybody whats up :P i am so happy to meet u all so to tell you about myself i ams short (like five one) spunky hyper have blond/coper hair and red/brown eyes my favorite color is blue and i am 16 [aint i cute ;)] i love anime i am a total otaku and proud of it i also love yaoi and proud of it too as you can see by the name i love Durarara (Drrr) it is an amazing anime and i am in love with Izaya Orihara <3 i also love One Piece, Bleach, Black Butler, Soul Eater (Stien <3),and naruto this is just a partial list of the animes i love i have onaly come acros one anime that i didint like and that was FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and i even actuly kinda like that one too lol so well i just love anime!!!! good to talk to ya all :) ~Rini Yamori

    Whats up anime world. Unlike my exsentric friend Rini, I am a new found otaku. Therefore, I dont have quite so long of a montra. But still, I love Dura as well. Everything about it is uniqe and new to me. Plus I am totally pro Shizuo Heiwajima. I am being yelled at to tell you what I look like so here it goes. I have blue eyes, brown hair, faded freakles, I am tall (three inches off frome six feet) my favorite color is blue and my personality is sweet and shy. Some animes i like are Black Butler, Full Metal Alchamist Brotherhood, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Fairy Tail, and Sword Art Online. I am addicted to Anime Music Videos and if i hear the song enough then singing it in Japaneese is as easy as pie. (Rini: I like pie ^w^.) Well thats me i look foward to chating with you ~ Arkeyda Winters

Ps:Rini: i cant spell for shite and i hate going grammerish on everything so if you see bad spelling thats me lol this is us and if you dont like it..... GO AWAY

Pps:I love nekos ^w^

Ps:Arkeyda: GO YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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LegendSama says...

Welcome to AP! both of you ^^

Jan 20, 2014