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Not much to say here, umm, i've been watching anime since i was younger mostly because toonami used to play it...man does anyone else remember toonami.  I think they finally took it off CN.  Mainly now i just watch the adult swim.  I love watching all sorts of anime mainly because it kinda takes me away from my dreary life and makes me forget all about it.  I watch because i become entrenched in the story and i am carefree for the time i'm watching it.  It's also that way with video games, i love playing video games and mmo's on the internet.  I pretty much just like to live in my imaginary land that I have created in my own mind.  So, I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about, and if you do, then leave a comment and let's chat about it. 

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Jet Feb 5, 2011

Hm, do you think, it's all right living in the imaginary world? The surroundings can be quite troubling at times, and the dilemma is, that it takes a lot of energy to get done with all this once and forever. Something a typical reality-despiser usually lack.

Funny nick btw.

kyuuketsukii Apr 28, 2009

NICE TOP 5 : ) and welcome to Anime-Planet

AppleBanana Apr 28, 2009

Best Friends For Evar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets move in togehter?

BTW Nice top 5 list.