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~Welcome to my Profile~

I'm an anime fan (obviously) and started watching a few as a child such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, etc. (Toonami ... ahh, the nostalgia! :D). I stopped watching anime about the time I hit high school and didn't get back into it until 2010 or 2011 when a friend of mine started pushing me into watching Ouran High School Host Club ... and I caved. The rest is history! xD

I have eclectic taste. Which I'm sure you'll notice if you peek at my list! I watch anything that I think sounds interesting, regardless of genre.

My favorite genres include: Comedy, Shounen, Sports, Yaoi, and Slice of Life

My least favorite genres include: Tragedy, Harem, Shoujo-ai (or Yuri), and Horror (though I've still been known to watch these genres if the story sounds addicting...)

My favorite manga is Akatsuki no Yona, which is also my favorite anime.

I'm also very much addicted to fanfiction and spend far too much time on FF.net. It's an addiction I tell you!

Favorite non-anime show is definitely Merlin! It ended a few years back. I still miss it! T^T

I'm also addicted to watching Who Do You Think You Are?

 Big Bang Theory 'cause Sheldon is all kinds of awesome! xD

Also, got addicted to 2 Broke Girls. That show is hilarious! x'D

And my latest addiction is Texas Flip and Move on the DiY channel. (I'm weird, I know...)


As to my anime ratings ... think of them like this:

5 Star = Masterpiece

4 1/2 Star = Near Perfection

4 Star = Awesome

3 1/2 Star = Good

3 Star = Okay

2 1/2 Star to 1/2 Star = Varied Suckage ... from Bad to Horrendously Atrocious

If you're here to chat then feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you when I see it.



Oh, and my manga list is not updated very often. I go on reading binges but rarely, if ever add it to my AP list or my MAL list so ... yeah. I've read a TON of manga. It just doesn't look like it 'cause I don't keep track. Also, I finally got around to importing my MAL list since I updated it more frequently but several failed to transfer over as AP doesn't have them listed on the site ... -_-'

Oh, and check out my lists if you're looking for any ideas on what to watch. I have an Obscure Anime list (relatively unknown series) that may interest you. I always love finding a good anime that few people have seen. I get a sense of accomplishment from it! (Yes, I'm aware I'm a very strange person. Weird. Odd. Slightly crazy. Yeah... xP)

Newest Review: SpiritPact (03-18-2017)

Most Recently Completed Anime: Ameiro Cocoa: Rainy color e Youkoso! (04-21-2017) 


My MAL account is duchessliz87 for the curious....


(my profile theme is Yona and Hak from Akatsuki no Yona!)

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imnothere Aug 4, 2016

I've only seen Death Parade and a bit of Hoozuki no Reitetsu (it's in my stalled list right now). And to be honest I can't really remember the op song of Hoozuki at the moment ... But I'm pretty sure you're not insane.  I actually  can't say what I love about half of those songs that I have in my list ... I just do.  They have a certain unexplainable charm, I guess ...  

imnothere Aug 4, 2016

There's a very simple explaination for that.  It's not there because I don't like it as much as you do.  I loved Death Parade anime, but I got  really tired of that song pretty quickly.  Sorry. 

MagicalFox Aug 1, 2016

Thanks! I love your profile pic and header! I loved Yona of the Dawn / Akatsuki no Yona!

Veral42 Aug 1, 2016


Haha, I wish mine were mini-reviews, but I tend to write my full reviews in the lists.  Sometimes I have a lot to say, like with ERASED (which managed to drop from the top of my 2016 list to the bottom in the last 2-3 episodes), and sometimes I have next to nothing (like with Tales of Zestiria: The X - Age of Chaos, 2016).  I'm not sure why, since I know that almost no one will ever see them there, but I find it more easy to organize everything like that.

I'm surprised that you didn't like the ending of Merlin.  O.O  They stayed exceptionally true to all the original tales of King Arthur from my own reading... he never really lives past his late 20s to early 30s.  I can understand some of where your coming from though.  I had to go and read some of the older versions of the stories to see where they were pulling from, since they based it all off some of the older manuscripts and not the revised, modernized versions.  The newer ones tend to be a bit happier with more of a happy-ever-after feel to them.  Even though in the classics almost everyone dies a horrid death by the end of the stories.

Preacher has been VERY good.  If you use couchtuner I highly suggest checking it out, season 1 is only 10 episodes long.  It has a very Constantine-meets-Supernatural feel to it.  It's another recent release based off western graphic novels.

I checked out your "Watching" list, there's quite a few series on there!  I'm surprised you've managed to stick through First Love Monster so far, I turned it off halfway through episode 1 and moved it over to my "Won't Watch" list, haha.  Hopefully you'll enjoy what's coming up in Re:Zero, if you're still actually on Ep.13 you're about to his an intense arc for the series and they've been doing great keeping it true to the light novels! The last couple I see on there that you hopefully enjoy are 91 Days and... um... Days....... yea.  Well, that and Food Wars S2 seems to be trying to turn around the series from the season 1 ecchi binge (their, well, creepy emphasis on the ecchi ruined the S1 for me).

I've also noticed that you seem to be a fan of the Prince of Tennis anime as well, have you ever watched Saki?  Replace the "Tennis" with "Mahjong" and it's pretty much the same thing.  Very good core season, though their "Nationals" arc got a bit crazy as well.  That said, I enjoy Baby Steps MUCH more as a tennis series.  Being a tennis player myself I found that PoT got... um... stupid.  I can't honestly think of a better way to put it.  >> 

Do you read light novels at all?  If there are any series that you really enjoy that are based on a light novel I would highly suggest taking a look for and reading it.  They're usually alot more detailed and have a much more complete story.

Thanks for swinging by my profile and responding though! It's been a while since anyone's responded to a msg here and since I'm usually on I'm always looking for more people to chat and compare opinions with.  Hope to hear back from you again!  :D



Veral42 Jul 31, 2016


Oh wow, someone who's "Life-on-Anime" eclpipses even mine.  Oh, happy days!  Awesome!  Keep up the good work, and continue to enjoy those shows!  I see you also are one of the few who even updates their manga list.  Maybe you've encountered this as well, but I've found that a large number of the manga I've read have never even made it onto this site.  Do you know of a way that I can add them to the site's database myself?  I would ask on the forums, but they don't work anymore.  >>

I also see that you're a fan of Merlin as well.  GREAT show with a very nice ending, though I agree, I'm sad that it's gone now.  Now all I have to look forward to for live TV is Preacher... and that season ends this week I believe.  :( :( :( :( :(

I also do reviews for anime, though I mostly keep them in my "Year Lists" (currently working on my 2016 list and my 2015 list before I start working backwards towards the 90s).  If you want to, feel free to swing by and check them out.  I woulod love to hear more people's thoughts on the shows, and why they either agree or disagree with my opinions.  :D