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~Welcome to my Profile~

I'm an anime fan (obviously) and started watching a few as a child such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, etc. (Toonami ... ahh, the nostalgia! :D). I stopped watching anime about the time I hit high school and didn't get back into it until 2010 or 2011 when a friend of mine started pushing me into watching Ouran High School Host Club ... and I caved. The rest is history! xD

I have eclectic taste. Which I'm sure you'll notice if you peek at my list! I watch anything that I think sounds interesting, regardless of genre.

My favorite genres include: Comedy, Shounen, Sports, Yaoi, and Slice of Life

My least favorite genres include: Tragedy, Harem, Shoujo-ai (or Yuri), and Horror (though I've still been known to watch these genres if the story sounds addicting...)

My favorite manga is Akatsuki no Yona, which is also my favorite anime.

I'm also very much addicted to fanfiction and spend far too much time on FF.net. It's an addiction I tell you!

Favorite non-anime show is definitely Merlin! It ended a few years back. I still miss it! T^T

I'm also addicted to watching Who Do You Think You Are?

and also Big Bang Theory 'cause Sheldon is all kinds of awesome! xD

Also, recently got addicted to 2 Broke Girls. That show is hilarious! x'D


As to my anime ratings ... think of them like this:

5 Star = Masterpiece

4 1/2 Star = Near Perfection

4 Star = Awesome

3 1/2 Star = Good

3 Star = Okay

2 1/2 Star to 1/2 Star = Varied Suckage ... from Bad to Horrendously Atrocious

If you're here to chat then feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you when I see it.



Oh, and my manga list is not updated very often. I go on reading binges but rarely, if ever add it to my AP list or my MAL list so ... yeah. I've read a TON of manga. It just doesn't look like it 'cause I don't keep track. Also, I finally got around to importing my MAL list since I updated it more frequently but several failed to transfer over as AP doesn't have them listed on the site ... -_-'

Oh, and check out my lists if you're looking for any ideas on what to watch. I have an Obscure Anime list (relatively unknown series) that may interest you. I always love finding a good anime that few people have seen. I get a sense of accomplishment from it! (Yes, I'm aware I'm a very strange person. Weird. Odd. Slightly crazy. Yeah... xP)

Newest Review: Fruits Basket (11-12-2016)


My MAL account is duchessliz87 for the curious....


(my profile theme is Viktor and Yuri from Yuri!! on Ice!) 

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AoiNomura says...

I'm glad you like my Yaoi list (: 

which one have you added to your want to read list?^^

Jul 8, 2016
AoiNomura says...

Hello there very nice profile :3 you've the same anime taste like me xD (your fav genres ) 

hope we can keep in touch ^^ 

have a nice day! 

Jul 7, 2016
Bfields says...

I liked your yaoi list (minus Okane ga Nai, which was a nightmare). It was missing Super Lovers, Hybrid Child, Gravitation, and Kirepapa though. But it's still a very nice list! ;D

Oooh new yaoi for me to watch, YAYA! I don't even remember watching Okane ga Nai so you are probability correct. It was maybe the second yaoi I've watched so atm that was considered entertaining. I'm actually starting to read more yaoi because of the lack of anime available. Super Lovers however, I'm still debating if I want to watch the anime or read the manga but I refuse to do both (because I'm just lazy). My name is Brittany btw, and thank you for your comment. I followed you! :)

Jul 6, 2016
AimyRobens says...

Hell yeah am looking for it too

The seasons so far were dazziling 😍

Am always speechless about  Uta Pri

Jun 30, 2016
AimyRobens says...

Just finished all your recommendations ❤thank you

Yes reverse harem is awesome 😍 Ilove it too the idea itself captures my soul 😇 wishing for it in real life 😂

Jun 29, 2016