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Sailor Moon

Jun 23, 2012



This was one of the very first anime that I have ever watched. I began watching Sailor Moon on Toonami when I was all of ten or eleven years old and was incredibly sad when Toonami went off the air when I was thirteen or fourteen (I can't really remember which one lol), and I fell in love with it!

And for those of you who are so clearly wayyyyy younger than me and have to have the storyline explained  to you because you have just heard about this anime though have never seen it I'll explain the story to you...

The story is about Serena (a.k.a Usagi but as I watched the English version I will stick with calling her Serena so ... sorry if I offend people...) who is a fourteen year old clumsy, scatterbrained middle school girl. She comes across a talking black cat one day that is named Luna who gives her a compact/broach and tells her she is Sailor Moon, a protector of justice, and a warrior from the moon kingdom meant to find the Moon Princess and protect her. Serena's job is to fight the Negaverse an old enemy of the Moon Kingdom that once destroyed it. Over the course of this first season you're introduced to the main players of the Negaverse and their Queen Beryl as they try to take over the planet and find the rainbow crystals. Meanwhile on the side of good, the Sailor Scouts grow from just Serena to adding on Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupitor, and finally Sailor Venus (as well as Sailor V's talking white cat Artemus). Not to mention Tuxedo Mask who always shows up at just the right time to save the Sailor Scouts from a very sticky situation lol.

And so this is the basic storyline for this anime...


You have to remember that Sailor Moon is an anime from the early, early 90's. At the time the animation was probably spectacular but nowdays it's ... well ... amature <cringe> I really hate that word but the art was nowhere near spectacular, or even all that good ... it was just ... tolerable.


The english dubbed version (the only version that I've seen) was just alright. Not horrible, but not spectacular either, just ... alright. The voices were ... okay. The music was ... okay. So ya, nothing really spectacular.


I have always loved the characters of Sailor Moon. They were the main reason that I was so easily addicted to the anime! Serena was so ditzy and funny, I just adored her!  Amy was sweet, kind, and far too smart.  Rei was prickly but I adored her arguements with Serena ... they always made me giggle! Leta was tough on the outside but a big ol' marshmallow on the inside with a soft spot for all those she cared about. Mina was smart, sassy, unafraid to speak her mind. Luna was like a lecturing mother, always trying to get Serena to do her homework or do this and that, but you could tell she had a major soft spot for Serena. Artemus was a lot like Luna but his soft spot was for Mina. Darian was a bit tough to get a handle on in this first season but I loved his interactions with Serena! And, of course, the bad guys and many side characters were also important and added much to the entertainment of this anime.


I get an overwhelming feeling of nosgalia when I look back at this anime. I absolutely loved it as a kid and still quite enjoy it! I give it an overall score of 6.5 and recommend the anime to people who love Magical Girl, Shoujo, or anime oldies xD. It is a good anime if you can look past its flaws...


7/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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