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Prince of Tennis

May 4, 2012



The Prince of Tennis anime is primarily about one Echizen Ryoma, the twelve year old son of retired tennis pro Echizen Nanjiro. Ryoma's main goal in life is to one day defeat his father in a tennis match, a seemingly impossible task.

After having won four consecutive junior tennis tournaments in America, Ryoma and his family move back to Japan where they enroll him in Seigaku Junior High, a school with a reknown tennis team. It quickly becomes apparent to the tennis team that Ryoma is by no means a normal freshman and he becomes the first freshman in the history of the school to make the regulars.

In the beginning Ryoma sets about his dream of defeating his father by using Seigaku as a stepping stone, but somewhere along the way he finds himself getting drawn into Seigaku's dream of making it to the National Championships. He finds himself becoming friends with his teammates, something he really didn't intend to happen. He comes to respect and admire his teammates, especially the captain Tezuka who is a well known tennis prodigy that even the pro's have their eyes on.

The storyline for this anime was well thought out and creative. I loved the fact that there was drama, action, and tons of laughter.


The animation wasn't really anything spectacular but it suited the anime to a T.


The music, for the most part, was quite good. The voice acting fit the characters to perfection and was superbly done.


The characters ruled this anime. They were the shining gems who made you immediately want to watch the next episode right after you finish one. I loved the way that they all played off of one another and how it frequently brought a smile to my face or laughter bubbling forth.



One of my all time favorite anime. I would recommend Prince of Tennis to any anime fan! I sincerly hope they make another season of the New Prince of Tennis anime (a continuation of this series) ... I need more lol! Also for those of you who dont know ... there are three OVAs that cover the National Championships a must watch if you're a fan of this series!

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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RingoStarr1991 May 5, 2012

Very generous review; loved the show and have rewatched it a couple of times