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Bakuman. 2

Apr 26, 2012


This is the sequel of the first Bakuman which introduced Takagi Akito and Mashiro Moritaka; two teenagers who aspire to be mangakas with a popular long running manga serialization that gets turned into an anime. Mashiro in particular wants their career to take off quickly because of a promise he made with Azuki Miho, the girl he'd been in love with since elementary school, that the two of them would marry once they accomplished their dreams. With a new serialization for their manga Detective Trap they set about accomplishing that goal. But on their way to achieving their dreams many unexpected obstacles are tossed their way and it'll be up to their strength of will and determination whether they'll be able to achieve their dreams or not.

The storyline for this anime is very fresh, new, and unique. I never got bored, not in a single episode. I always wanted more. . .


I thought that the animation was quite good. I never would have guessed that the mangaka who created Bakuman is the same one who created Death Note. . .the art is very different and I far prefer the art in Bakuman to that of Death Note.


I thougt the voice actors did a spledid job. My only complaint is that I wasn't particularly fond of the opening song. Just like the opening for the first season I dont think that the music did the anime justice.


I simply love the various characters with their assortment of personalities. They definately added depth to this anime. I personally rooted for Takagi and Mashiro to succeed as well as many of the other characters as well. You really feel for the characters and I quite liked that. They made you laugh with them, as well as cry with them. I personally think that just goes to show how well they were made.


Overall, Bakuman is one of my favorite anime series and this was a wonderful second season! I recommend it to any manga or anime fan who would like to learn more about the business aspect in what it takes to create the manga that their favorite animes are based off of. I also highly recommend this to any anime fan who is just looking to be entertained.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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Zutto Jun 16, 2012

Finished season 1 yesterday. Beginning with season 2 :).

duchessliz May 24, 2012

you find the pic that you like off the net, copy the link, and then click on the tree picture thing when your making your review and it puts the picture in it. you choose where you want the pictures and repeat the process.

deideiblueeyez May 19, 2012

Awesome! Love the screenshots! How do you do that? Do you just put the link in?