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1. 2017 Winter Anime

This is a list of the Winter 2017 anime that I plan to watch. (This list is subject to change)

1. Anime Completed in 2017 (in order of completion)

I decided that I'm going to keep track of every anime that I finish in the year of 2017. Whether it's only the last episode, the last three or four, or the entire anime that was started and completed as long as I finished it in the year 2017 it'll...

2015 Fall Anime (my watched list)

A list of the fall anime of 2015 that I watched ... and my thoughts on them.

2016 Fall Anime (my watched list)

This is a list of the Fall 2016 anime that I watched (or am currently watching) from this season. (This list is subject to change). Ratings and opinions will be listed (and changed) the farther I get into the series.

2016 Spring Anime (my watched list)

This is a list of anime from the Spring 2016 season that I watched. I'll leave my impression of the series as well as my personal rating.