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LeBBlood Oct 9, 2012

> I didn't know about this.

 Interesting stuff.

 I finally got around to watching Rage in Placid Lake.  I was slightly annoyed by the fact Placid Lake was the protags name and not a location...which was my initial belief, mostly because it was irritating name.  Without looking deeply into it, the name didn't seem to serve much purpose other than to be a pun on the title (nobody even mocked his name).  It may have been an attempt to make him appear stranger, but didn't seem necessary.  Other than that, it was a pretty decent film. It gave me an Office Space vibe.  Rose Byrne speaking in her native accent + playing a nerd = pretty sexy.  I really like her. But hadn't seen her in anything non american before.

LeBBlood Oct 8, 2012

> So I watched "Lost and Delirious"... Why so tragic? 

 lol.  So..more of the same then?. tragic, bittersweet or hopeless is the conclusion to most lesbian stories. Lost and Delirious isn't even subtle about the tragedy, it dives in head first.  

If you haven't seen it, and are looking for something else which is not tragic, check out http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089015/  The acting and story are solid, and the ending actually feels satisfactory.

LeBBlood Sep 30, 2012

Wait, you understand the language? you ho.  Well, I'm glad you liked it.  The swiss guy is awesome.  You're obviously more familiar with Telenovela than I am, so, are silly assasination attempts common in these kind of shows?  I don't know how much of those I could take; contrived drama at its worst.  The one on the brother in the first ep was already too cheesy for me.  Hopefully the g/g romance and other well developed characters will be able to help me look past some of the stupidity. Kinda sucks that I have to wait for translations....I've wanted to watch the next ep pretty badly.  Is the second better than the first?

LeBBlood Sep 29, 2012

Correction: 70-80 min.  Not sure where I got 90 minutes. 

LeBBlood Sep 29, 2012

No prob.  Just from what I've read from commenters, it seems to be above average telenovela.  With each episode running at 75-90 min, the fact that it has dedicated translators must mean it's at least worth checking out.  When I watched it, it was was only due to interest of the g/g romance (which isn't even present in the first ep), but I ended up just enjoying everything about the show.  Let me know what you think of the first ep if you check it out.