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LeBBlood says...

Nice. haven't gotten around to Simoun yet.  Thanks for the well wishes, I'm feeling better now.  I've been watching Once Upon a Time. It's an interesting take on fairy tales. The plot is cleverly constructed. And Jennifer Morrison is also nice eye candy. ttyl

Dec 26, 2012
LeBBlood says...

Hey, it's been a while, how's it going? I've been sick with a cough..and it's very cold over here. Hopefully it's better on your end. Anyway, happy holidays. 

Dec 23, 2012
LeBBlood says...

Hah..is that Two and a Half Men? Ashton is such a derp.  He was funny in "That 70's show" but he always looked like a goof. 

Nov 28, 2012
LeBBlood says...

That one seemed to have escaped my radar.  I'll check it out, thanks.  I'm not overly concerned with bad/open endings, after watching anime for so long you get used to them.

Nov 3, 2012
LeBBlood says...

Disregard my comment.  I had forgotten that placid was a word with a definition.  

Oct 10, 2012