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LeBBlood May 27, 2013

lol, that is funny! It's probably only on afterellen.com because it has a (possibly developing) lesbian sub-plot towards the more recent episode. How did I find out about it? I think I was on tv.com looking around for a sci-fi show to watch and came across it. In any case, if you've only seen the first ep you're in for a treat. The show only gets better each episode, and the most recent episode (9) is probably the best so far. Thanks for the links. I'm not really much of a reader tbh, but I may have look.

LeBBlood May 26, 2013

Hey what's up. I started watching Orphan Black recently and figured it might be something you'd enjoy, since you mentioned that you like canadian shows (iirc). It's been a while since I've gotten this hooked to a show. It's a sci-fi thriller about clones that has a good amount of suspense and great cliffhangers. Yeah, if you need a sci-fi drama with a tint of action fix, check it out for sure.

LeBBlood May 1, 2013

Oh okay. No, it never bothered me. You mentioned it once a while back but I completely forgot about it. Plus, I haven't been on IRC in ages.

LeBBlood Apr 30, 2013

I probably didn't even notice. What exactly did the feature do?

LeBBlood Apr 28, 2013

Lesbianiasm lol. thanks for that. Anna silk is pretty damn sexy.