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"If you cry at your own misfortune you are a pussy, if you cry at others misfortune then you are a man."


Paprika- I like her shoes.

Perfect Blue- Havent watched :'((

Millenium Actress- AA-;) O.o :P 13395. Random enough?

Tokyo Godfathers- R.I.P Satoshi Kon. If we could trade lives (meaning I die, you live) I would want us to.


When and if I have a daughter, her name will be Kagura.

Sanji and Franky, masters of weird hair!! XD

My name is Lukas, im a rather lazy, yet striving to be social, anime fan, scared of the idea of being an otaku. As you see, Im full of disagreements beetwen my nature and needs. I started watching anime when i was 12, when my friend showed a episode of bleach to it, and I was firstly atractatted by Matsumoto's uhhh... you know, and then after that, by Starks release form. -.- I never watched bleach, but took naruto, and after realising my mistake, finally decided to watch Onepiece. Late at night, I debate who is better; Hayao or Satoshi? Anyway, my fav. genres arent marked, since some of them are not there. These or them:

FAV. GENRES: noitaminA (i dont even know what that means, i just love the series marked as that), comedy and maybe, but not 130% shounen

Im currently watching (or reading, sometimes) Gintama and Onepiece, and a lot of weekly stuff. Every Mon. I watch a movie, and I sometimes squeeze in an 11-episode anime in there. im also reading manga; Bakuman for im completely in love with the art. FAV ANIMALS: Ducks. FAV COLOR: Turqoise. MOST COMMON ACTIVITY: Misspelling on tests, or any other formal documents. FAV. BAND: The English Beat.

I SUCK AT: Singing.


If you have any questions about me and want to comment, or is just another random stalker commenting on random profiles, please do so.

And babay!!

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SaruChan Oct 22, 2011

Ha, just a personal opinion of mine about an arrogant but admittedly-talented baseball team. XD They exist within the novels of Stephine Meyer, an abomination to the world of authors.

Mantis Oct 22, 2011

Haha, I'm glad someone agrees. So how are you lately?

cassiesheepgirl Oct 9, 2011

Ahh, looking at your profile you need to actually add anime to your list. At the moment your list is completely empty so you first need to mark up what you've watched, dropped, are watching etc. To do that simply search for an anime you've seen, say Gintama (judging by your <3 characters list), so either use the search bar at the top or the browse anime page to find it, then set it as watched, watching, whatever is appropriate by selecting from the drop down menu. Then do this for every anime you've seen, and you'll have an anime list. Ooo and if you're watching, stalled or have dropped a series then don't forget to set the number of episodes you have seen. When you've done this your life on anime bar should increase and if you click on the anime tab (or manga if you're adding manga) on your profile you should have a list of what you've seen.

Once you've done that, you can follow the steps below in my other comment to create a custom list. :)

cassiesheepgirl Oct 8, 2011

Hiya! First off, welcome to the site!

Also, I'm glad you like my reviews and profile pic, I love Yaichi. :)

As for creating a custom list of your favourite anime and manga, you go to the list tab at the top of your profile. Then click on one of the two buttons at the top that say "Add Anime Custom List" or "Add Manga Custom List". Then a page will load with two columns, on the left hand side is all the anime marked on your list, on the right is the custom list for you to create. In the top field, type in a list name, then add the anime you want from the left hand column - to do this click the button in the add column next to the series you wish to add. The anime will then appear on the right hand side, where you can order the anime by dragging each series up or down. When you're finished, simply click on the "Publish" button at the bottom and you're done!

Hope that helps and makes sense. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. :)