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"If you cry at your own misfortune you are a pussy, if you cry at others misfortune then you are a man."


Paprika- I like her shoes.

Perfect Blue- Havent watched :'((

Millenium Actress- AA-;) O.o :P 13395. Random enough?

Tokyo Godfathers- R.I.P Satoshi Kon. If we could trade lives (meaning I die, you live) I would want us to.


When and if I have a daughter, her name will be Kagura.

Sanji and Franky, masters of weird hair!! XD

My name is Lukas, im a rather lazy, yet striving to be social, anime fan, scared of the idea of being an otaku. As you see, Im full of disagreements beetwen my nature and needs. I started watching anime when i was 12, when my friend showed a episode of bleach to it, and I was firstly atractatted by Matsumoto's uhhh... you know, and then after that, by Starks release form. -.- I never watched bleach, but took naruto, and after realising my mistake, finally decided to watch Onepiece. Late at night, I debate who is better; Hayao or Satoshi? Anyway, my fav. genres arent marked, since some of them are not there. These or them:

FAV. GENRES: noitaminA (i dont even know what that means, i just love the series marked as that), comedy and maybe, but not 130% shounen

Im currently watching (or reading, sometimes) Gintama and Onepiece, and a lot of weekly stuff. Every Mon. I watch a movie, and I sometimes squeeze in an 11-episode anime in there. im also reading manga; Bakuman for im completely in love with the art. FAV ANIMALS: Ducks. FAV COLOR: Turqoise. MOST COMMON ACTIVITY: Misspelling on tests, or any other formal documents. FAV. BAND: The English Beat.

I SUCK AT: Singing.


If you have any questions about me and want to comment, or is just another random stalker commenting on random profiles, please do so.

And babay!!

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Detonation Jan 8, 2012

^_^ No problem! That is Adult Reborn! :D

VivisQueen Nov 6, 2011

Hi dubaicroc,

Thanks for dropping by. My avatar is from the fantastic show, Katanagatari. I recommend it.

Best wishes

puriful Oct 29, 2011

I'm glad you found it interesting. I like write pieces that people find interesting, enjoy reading, and that make them think. :)  So, mission accomplished lol ;D

zawaldo Oct 29, 2011

lol thanks for compliment =)

btw i don't really dislike Naruto as an anime, I just dislike the main characters =P (love Shikamaru<3 ).

puriful Oct 28, 2011

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog thingy! I hope I didn't make you more "horrified" by my "monster creeping through the forest" lol.