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When I was aproached by my friend MonkeyZerg asking for help with an ambitious project I was intrigued.

"I am currently building a device that will freeze time and space except in a locality that fits me and my anime. That way I can watch as much as I wish and still get my work done.", he told me.

I decided that before I started building the device I would see what I was up against and watch some anime.

We have since abandoned the device and used the time saved by not building it watching more anime. (Work has been largely forgotten.)

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MonkeyZerg Sep 16, 2008

Boom Chika Waw Waw!

Dude how's your holiday at home!?

Guess what: My bro got delayed. Visa trouble. I'm telling you this family is cursed!

MonkeyZerg Sep 2, 2007


I saw your anime list. You are definitely my fellow Saturday morning cartoon club co-founder :)

You're a bit more stringent when it comes to rating anime though, I see :)

Do get yourself an avatar sometime, Cheers!


MonkeyZerg Aug 14, 2007

Boom shaka boom shaka boom!

Hi there :)

Do fill in your profile!

(Do I know you? James?)