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Saturday's state of sleep walking


When it comes to sleep, im pretty weak-willed. I was going on 17 hours and decided to head up town, to see if i could find Magical Shopping Arcade dvd box set. Well i got to best buy and realised how small the anime section of the store was. While failing to find the dvd box set.

Trying not to be discoraged at my first attempt, i drove another fifteen minutes to the Franklin park mall. Figuring there was a dvd/cd store still located in the store. Walked 5minutes through the store cause i'm retarded and parked on the opposite side. To find out the store was not their anymore. Randomly decided to go though the video game store and ended up talking to the clirk to see if there was another best buy in the area. Me being half awake and my normal lack of attention span did not help the situation. Cost me a extra 20-30 minutes getting lost, going down the wrong road looking for the next store.

When I finally arrived to my destination, the anime section was triple the size of the other Best Buy store. I still failed though to find my dvd I was looking for, but got Welcome to the N.H.K. dvd set!

Over all I think the trip was worth it in the end.

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