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I began watching anime about 8 years ago and havent stoped since... i love anime as much as i love my friends and family... I use it to pass the time when i have beaten all the current RPGs out for any of the systems... my girlfriend is also a big anime fan and we love to watch anime together.... i actually go on anime benges and watch anime for days at a time...

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wolfangel87 Nov 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

VivisQueen Apr 12, 2008

"Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga choo-choo? Track twenty-nine. Boy, you can gimme a shine!"



Yeah, I saw where you lived and that song sprang instantly to mind. All these years, and I didn't figure out Chattanooga was actually a real place. Lol. Okay, I shall leave before I say more silly things. Enjoy the site!

OneiChan Aug 20, 2007

Is your girlfriend a member of the site too? My husband and I are both addicted to anime-planet :p

PS. FMA is my number 1 in my top 5 as well!  I just got a fullmetal alchemist related (sorta) tattoo. You can see it in the forum under the general discussion board inside the pictures thread. You should sign up in the forum if you aren't already. The community is great! 

LLORAtheLLAMA Aug 6, 2007

That must be nice. I only have a few friends that are interested in anime.

LLORAtheLLAMA Aug 6, 2007

Everytime I go on the internet, I usually try to watch anime. Right now I'm watching a lot of anime because, just in case I get bored of one for a while I can go watch something else. I watch a lot of anime on Youtube and Veoh.

Oh, and I've watched all the episodes, too. I watched everything of Ah! My Goddess.