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A Blog Huh?

28 JUN

I just realized there was a blog feature here despite having an account here on anime-planet for well over a year...ah well.  Might as well make use of it now, eh?

Let's see...I have a "watching list" of anime, however despite the 5 titles on there, I actually prefer to watch one anime at a time so I can concentrate on it and fully enjoy it.  I do this because there is no need to rush.  Saiunkoku Monogatari as well as Inuyasha are anime series I flip flop back and forth between in my spare time either between classes or when my fiance is at work...yes, yes, anime is a hobby that I share with my fiance and although I technically don't like watching any sort of anime without him, Inuyasha is an old favorite of mine from highschool that I wish to get back into and finally complete while Saiunkoku Monogatari is a tad on the girly side for my fiance to endure.

Anyways, the anime series that I am currently focused on (and by focused I mean it is what I watch during any and all free time with my fiance), is Dragon Ball Z.  We used to watch it with a friend of my fiance's too, but being a high school teacher and having a girlfriend who hates anime, tends to make him unavailable the majority of the time.  *sighs sadly*  That means we are only continuing it now after a hiatus that we put it on while waiting for our friend.  When he starts ignoring your calls and e-mails however, we took the hint.  Thus, we finally finished Season 6 and are actually just starting Season 7.

Now, my thoughts on Season 7 thus far:

Apparently there are people online that compare "Other World Tournament" mini-arc to the Garlic Jr. filler arc...I have to say I disagree.  The Other World Tournament may not have anything to do with the main plot, but not only is it sort and amusing, but it fleshes out Toriyama's world a little bit more and even can be seen as giving a little bit of closure concerning Goku's death (although, for how long Goku will remain dead this time, I'm not sure because I really don't think Goku will remain dead for good).

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