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First blog post!

15 JUL

Decided to start using this thing to talk about animes I'm currently watching or looking forward to. Maybe some other things.

I'm bad with introductions, so. Aaaaanyway >_>

Shows I'm watching right now:

Shirokuma Cafe - This anime is really cute and funny! I'm on episode six at the moment.

Mirai Nikki - Really good so far, I love it. I'm not that far into it, though.

Tsuritama - I'm only four or five episodes in right now but its pretty good. The show seems to be about fishing so far, but I heard people saying that something happens? I'll have to finish that show soon to find out!

School Rumble - Meh. It's on netflix so that's why I'm watching it. It's alright, not that good though.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - I started watching this a few weeks ago. At first the story took way too long to start, but when the varia arc started that's when it started getting good! This show has a lot of filler episodes, which are okay but I'd rather watch everything else that's going on in the show. I'm currently on episode 98 in the future arc, I'm becoming addicted to this show! ;a;


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