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I need new anime advice T-T

Likes-Harem,drama,romance,ecchi ( ~_~ ),a little action with drama/romance is okay,and fantasy with drama and romance.

Fansubs group I am currently working for:

Ai Fansubs - True Tears (Editor.)

Comment me on anything you'd like to know regarding my groups! :)

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tetra says...

Pokemon the live drama... with Elijah Wood as Ash, and Keanu Reeves as Pikachu!

I think I am the wrong person to recommend you things considering that I do not like any of the ones I have seen in your top5, and is not interested to see the rest ;) But you might like Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto... don't know if you will though.

Nov 27, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Thank you for all of the recommendations!!!  ^_^  I always appreciate it!  I have watched Air and I really enjoy it, I will check out Kanon and Clannad too!

Nov 26, 2007
tetra says...

Oh, cheater!

You added it to your anime list after my comment >.<

But it is really good, probably the only anime I have seen where the anime is better than the manga. I attribute that to the music.

And I have heard that the live action is supposed to be even better! 

Nov 25, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Very Nice top five!

I thought Da Capo was really good, I liked the second season to but I am a little leary about watching Da Capo II.  I just don't know hmmm  . .

How are you liking

Myself; Yourself? It was recently recommended to me.  I think I would like it but I am not sure 

Nov 25, 2007
tetra says...

heh! I would not be able to help you on new anime at all, since I rather dislike ecchi, harem (unless its reversed) romance and romantic drama ^^

But I can say "hi, did I not see you in the irc chat?" And "why on earth have you not seen Nodame Cantabile?!" Since Nodame is comedy romance =) 

Nov 25, 2007