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im here for a friends recommendation to make an anime planet profile to keep track of what ive watched so i dont get confused on what ive watched and havnt so here i am yew!. thanks caleqt.

im a MASSIVE fan of strike witches and vividred operation i am EXTREMEly intrigued by all animes with some "romance" mixed in with the story even if theres only a little ill watch it, i can not watch any kind of anime with prolonged fighting scenes (naruto dbz so on) i also find it hard to watch sad animes, the feels destroy my brain molecules. animes where the protagonist dies (exept lelouch) at the end make me want to slice my own throat out of the window.

5 star anime ratings are for harems and perverted mango's mark cale you guys need better taste  

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Caleqt says...

Mekaku City Actors, Katanagatari 

Jun 27, 2015
Caleqt says...

I knew you would like it :P

I'm watching mawaru penguindrum at the moment, tis not ecchi but you should check it out nontheless! It also has an amazing OP!

Sep 10, 2013
Caleqt says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet! ^_^

Jul 10, 2013
PurpleCatAngel says...

Welcome to AP.:)

Jul 7, 2013
donnie says...

im engaged in an animation fixation

Jul 7, 2013