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Hello everyone, I love anime and that's why I'm an otaku I guess. I graduated from school with a Bachelor's and am now working at a company called Digital Embryo in NJ. I work as a programmer and help develop games for the Wii. Between my work, and watching anime I don't have much time for anything else. Anime is awesome and should just keep getting better.

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Sanjo May 7, 2008

Yeah I really hate waiting for new episodes to come out..I prefer to watch a fully complete anime.

Just finishing watching dragonaut, it was alright.. I might start getbackers I heard some good things about it. 

Sanjo May 6, 2008

Hehe, trying hard eh? I got AoC in a week so you will be able to pass me easy, probably before.

Sanjo Apr 25, 2008

Its really good, or was. It kind of died down at some parts, but I actually liked conan -a lot-. Its kind of my newfound like for those "tacky" adventure games, conan changed my mind about dective figure out the stuff before the end of the anime shows just like Dreamfall changed my mine about adventure games.

Sanjo Apr 24, 2008

No, go away!

I'm surprised you haven't seen every anime in existence already lol.

You're lucky non of these comment icons say "Whore!" instead of "thanks" or "Great signature!". 

NoobHealer Feb 8, 2008

My zombies are still running into walls. Any luck with that?

Question #2: Did you head back home yet?

Anyways, enjoy...