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Name: Divine Grace
Age: 20
I am: a student who likes to sing a lot and dreams of singing on stage and in front 
of a lot of people. I am a frustrated writer, painter, and performer.
Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Parody/Comedy, Yaoi/Shounen-Ai
Main Anime Biases: One Piece, Gintama
Shipping: Zoro/Sanji, Mookyul/Ewon, Gintoki/Hijikata
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Sugita, Nakai, Kamiya Hiroshi


Aarinfantasy Forums/ Anime-planet: divinegrace92
livejournal: divinegrace1992 
Tumblr/s: etherealdivine.tumblr.com 

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nallyasian says...

Hey there! :)

Your bio says you love the performing arts ♥ Like me! Haha, thats great~

Nice to meet you, how's it going?

May 26, 2012
Roman says...

''its still popular for a reason you know..XD.''

That would be the fact that it is easily digestible, if you get what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*.


Well, thank you anyway for a rare hate-less comment.


If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?

Jun 17, 2011
Hisagi90 says...

well I get an email when I get a comment here, so I know right away xD


well I didnt even use this for a month before I found MAL and MAL is a lot better, especially because this site has nearly no bl manga at all and around 2/3 of my read manga is BL xD

while MAL is better in nearly aspect oO though the badges you can get here are nice :O

Jun 16, 2011
Hisagi90 says...

haha yeah, though Im not active on this account, its me <3

I used it before I found MAL... for not even a month or so lol

Im meeting more and more people here that I know :O

May 25, 2011
Rezy says...

Seems like i still need to watch quite a bit more anime. Just wanted to say hi

Oct 20, 2009