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Sianeka Feb 10, 2017

Here is where I watched The Red Turtle. And here is a link for watching John Wick movie.  Not that you ever watch anything I send you a link for.  (You still haven't watched Now You See Me movie, have you? hahaha)

Sianeka Jan 11, 2017

And here's one that was supposed to open last September in Culver City, not sure if that happened.

CatCafeLounge - no details, just an address and that the cats are adoptible and it's supposed to have LOTS of cats

Sianeka Jan 11, 2017

Because we were talking about local cat cafes, here are the websites for the two I found:

Moon Cat Cafe (mobile) - looks like there is a $12 reservation charge, but I think it may include coffee and a pastry and unlimited cat snuggle time...  Sometimes they feature adoptible cats.

Crumbs & Whiskers - this is the one on Melrose in Hollywood.  Looks like there is a $22 weekday/$24 weekend reservation fee for 75 minutes of cuddle kitty time..  The cats here are up for adoption, too...

Sianeka Jan 6, 2017

Have you gotten a chance to look at either link yet?  I still haven't looked at the current season anime myself...

Sianeka Jan 2, 2017

Here is link to watch Now You See Me movie (original)  Note that on this site, you may have to turn off the closed captioning to get rid of the subtitles by clicking on the CC icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

And here is the 2017 Winter season (current) anime list, to see if there is anything brand new that interests you.