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Spring Season 2011.

30 JUN

So since I'm now waiting for the next season anime to begin, I thought of writing a "review" for the whole season (or anyways, just the anime I've watched).

[Edit] I added links to the titles of the anime so if you are interested in any, just click.

1. Nichijou-My ordinary life. 26 episodes, still airing.

I like nichijou. In the beginning I thought it was a really boring anime but when I got to the 3rd (?) or so episode I started laughing my b*tt off. It is a nice gag anime wich I think everyone will enjoy.

Crazy story, crazy characters, cool. Worth watching. I recommend it.

2. Ao no Fukumatsu-Blue exorcist.  25 episodes, still airing.

I started watching Ao no Exorcist just 'cause the main character is a blue exorcist. Really. I have a thingy for blue.

Anyways it was a good decision. Really nice anime. Cool storyline, nice characters. I expect of it to have a nice ending and maybe a second season. Full of action and strong emotions. One of my favourites in spring season.

Really worth watching. I strongly recommend it.

3. Deadman Wonderland. 12 episodes, finished airing.

To be honest, at the beginning I didn't even think of starting Deadman Wonderland. Anyways, quite a fuss was made in multiple forums so I was like " Wth? Is it that good?". And of course I wouldn't know if I didn't try. And so I did.

The first episode was a "WTF?!" episode. It grabbed me quickly into the concept without revealing much, something that I don't really like. More was explained in the next episodes so I guess it was okay. Anyways the plot is crazy and full of blood. I like blood ^-^

The main character, Ganta, sucks. I hate him. He is just a weakling, a coward etc. (I don't really wan't to create any spoilers but it is clear since the first episode.) And his hair is wierd...xD

But I like the whole "bloody prison-people dying-blood-blood-blood-crazyness" thing and so in my opinion it is a nice anime. I recommend it.

4.[C] The money of soul and possibility control. 11 episodes, finished airing.

C is a seinen anime with much action and nice plot. The setting is nice but the story has some holes. Things are often not explained right.

Anyways I enjoyed it to the last minute, the ending though wasn't satisfiting. (I have come to the conclusion that a nice anime will most likely not have a good ending. And most of the time, I'm unfortunately right.)

So anyways, if you like complicating anime with action you will like it.

5.A-channel. 12 episodes, finished airing.

Well, I can say I wasn't quite satisfited with this anime. The story was simple, just another slice-of life anime.

If you have spare time, I guess it's a nice choice.

6.Sket Dance. episodes Unknown, sitll airing (duh).

I love Sket Dance. It is kind of an episodic anime but it has made me lol many times. Really, really nice.

Strongly recommend it if you want to have a good time.

7. Hidan no Aria. 12 episodes, finished airing.

Since I hate tsunderes I can't say I like Aria. I don't hate it either. It has some nice episodes but that's it. The concept is good but, Aria as a character is...ugh..-_- Tsunderes I hate the most.

Anyways, not much to say. I can recommend it, I guess.

8. Hana-saku Iroha. 26 episodes, still airing.

So, Hana-saku Iroha is a shoujo anime. The boys won't like it. It is about a girl, Ohana, that moves in her grandma's inn and works there. It's an average anime and just like any other shoujo, full of strong feelings.

It's okay, I recommend it.

9. Seikon no Qwaser II-Qwaser of Stigmata 2. 12 episodes, finished airing.

Second season sucked. I loved the first but the second is just not worth it.

If you liked the first season, go read the manga. It's just a waste of time. (for more just read my review here)

I do not recommend it.

10. Softenni. 12 episodes, finished airing.

Softenni was another gag anime, a bit like nichijou. It was really funny. Worth watching it. Some episodes where really boring though.

Anyways, if you have some spare time, I recommend it.

11. Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa mada shiranai-Ano Hana. 12 episodes, finished airing.

What can I say. This anime touched my soul. As a person I don't cry easily and I admit that I have cried in aevery single episode. So lovely.

My personal favourite of all season. And had the best ending ever.

If you don't watch it, i don't know... It's stupid not to watch it...


Moving on to the OVAs and Specials.

1. Koe de Oshigoto. episode 2,still airing.

I love Koe de Oshigoto. Really, really funny and of course ecchi. The story just continues, if you haven't watched the first episode, go watch it now. The 2nd episode was especially funny but a bit confusing 'cause I forgot basic stuff revealed in the first episode. (Took some time to be released)

You should watch it, I strongly recommend it.

2. .hack//Quantum. episode 3, finished airing.

At last, the final episode..Couldn't wait. It is a confusing anime if you haven't watched the never ending prequels. It made me hooked on RPGs though.

Worth watching the series as well as the whole .hack thing.

3. Highschool of the Dead, Drifters of the Dead, finished airing.

A special episode. Not much action, just ultra ecchiness and is promising of a new season.

Again, if you have spare time and like H.O.T.D. don't miss it!

4. Shiki- Specials, still airing.

So, Shiki was a great anime and I expect the spexials to be nice too. Assuming that the first was nice the second one will propably be as good. Well don't expect anything special, it's just an unaired episode mostly about Nao-san. But I like Nao-san. I believe she wasn't shown enough in the series.

Anyways, if you still haven't watched Shiki, go watch it. Really good and worth a watch.


So anyways, that's all of what I have watched this season. Hope I was a bit helpfull.

Guh..can't ait for the summer ones to start...

Thanks for reading! ^-^

Peace \/



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