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Here I go (version 2.8.3 on December 23, 2013) =>

***Who am I:

- I'm a normal anime otaku, from Romania, Europe.
- I'm like many here, on Anime-Planet: I watch anime and love them.

***How i watch anime:

- I try to watch anime every day (the life and technical issues stop me sometimes)
- I usually watch 2 anime series at a time. One with 24-26 episodes and one with 12-13 episodes. If the 26 ep. anime is bad, hopefully the 13 one is good and compensate each other... the reverse is the same... But many times both are good :)
- I watch 6 episodes a day but it may variate (from 1 in the case of movies to 12 or more)
- So around 12 anime per month (about 200 episodes) . It isn't much... not at all.

***What I watch:

- Comedy is the main genre (i want to laugh or smile at least) and I continue with (how they are tagged here on Anime-Planet): Slice of life, Moe, Ecchi, Harem, Otaku culture, Parody, School Life and some other but is getting boring to write all ... and i'm a lolicon :)
- I don't watch: violence themed anime or drama with the following tags : Cyberpunk, Demons, Feudal Japan, Fighting, Gore, Historical, Horror , Martial arts, Soccer Three kingdoms, Samurais, Zombie, Yaoi, War, Westerns ....
- I watch already completed anime ( I don't want to wait a week or more for a new episode)
- I don't watch a series in one shot no matter how hard is to resist :) ( I want to enjoy the serie in the following day to)
- I prefer subbed anime over dubbed. And in english of course.

*** How I rate:

- I give only 5 ***** or nothing at all.
- If I like a anime or something special from it so at the end i'm glad i seen it i rate it 5*
- If I don't like it or not so much (probably is a boring anime) i don't rate it at all.
- One of my comments said that isn't fair if i rate it this way. But please... go to any anime here, and go to the user list: even the best of the best or the worst anime have ratings between 0.5 and 5... so i'm not unfair.

*** Other things:

- My anime list is up to date, because I update here after I watch all the episodes for the day.
- If i have to choose between anime or the manga: i choose anime.
- The first anime i watched, was in kindergarden (serious...). Many from my country say that Sailor Moon was the first anime that aired: No it wasn't...I watched anime (are on my watched list) before that, but i think many recall them as cartoons... even Sailor Moon is a cartoon for many.
- The moment i started to watch anime in the serious way was 4-5 year ago when I got internet conection: internet is the way anime comes to me. I download them but don't blame me for it.
- My anime colection: 13 anime posters , 11 manga volumes, some badges, many stickers and that's all. This will change soon, there are anime conventions in the country and there is the world wide web to ^__^


- My current avatar is Cirno from the Touhou series.
- My current signature image is http://www.anime-planet.com/characters/kuniko-hojo from Shangri-La anime .
- The top page image is Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.

*** I used the "list" feature of this site to make....lists :) Here you go: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/dgmikep/lists . It took some time to pick them, and i will make many more. So "subscribe" :))

***I will update here when i will remember what :P So you may have a reason to read it all, again :))

***I will reply on any comments... or try to :D So post one if you arrive on this page... :P

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AlexanderVanHellsing says...

Pentru ca cand esti formal oamenii te iau in serios.Ei stiu ca vorbesc serios.De asemenea urasc Facebook-ul astfel incat nu am nici un fel de chat.Iar forumurile nu-mi plac pentru ca sunt impartite pe cagetorii si sunt sanse foarte slabe sa gasesti pe cineva online la timp.asa lumea vine de la treaba intra vorbeste ceva relaxant cu noi si restul.Daca nu vrei sa te bagi nu e nici o problem. Eu doar ti-am oferit sansa de a te alatura. Nu spun ca trebuie sa vi neaparat, tot ce as dori e daca sti pe cineva care e interesat sa il anunti ca am solutia.

Jan 11, 2013
AlexanderVanHellsing says...

Cand invit pe cineva trebuie sa fiu formal si concis in legatura cu ceea ce doresc, in plus de cele mai multe ori nu arata ca spamurile pentru ca nu dau oricui. mai intai compar listele si vad preferintele.Multe din ele sunt personalizate cu un sfat sau ceva in plus, de cele mai multe ori.Asa cum am zis si in mesajul fromal aici e ac o lista cu care imi tin evidenta animeurilor si manga-urilor,iar la mesaje se raspunde foarte greu, de aceea am facut un chat room, legat de chat-ul A-P ei bine se schimba linkul mereu, nu este nimic stapil, caz in care mereu voi fi cautat pentru linkul actual, si se va pierde timp, eu sunt hostul si tin PC-ul deschis pentru chat,iar linkul nu se schimba. SUB NICI O FORMA NU VREAU SA SE INTAMPLE CAVA CU CONTURILE VOSATRE.

Respectele mele- Alexander.

Jan 11, 2013
AlexanderVanHellsing says...

Hello there, my name its Alexander,I checked your anime list,its pretty awesome, i saw that we have some things in common, or that's what i think.

im really bored of saying "i watched that  and that".. i want to chat with some people who like anime a share opinions and stuff. will you join me? let's have a chat room on this site or something. don't you agree?

I already creted a chat room, if you want to join send me a feedback.

(P.S. Sunt roman, dar trebuie sa fiu formal cand invit pe cineva)

Jan 10, 2013
designedevil says...

lol obisnuinta :P

Jan 10, 2013
ItsumoHitori says...

haha indeed it is! sorry haven't slept in a while, that probably sounded quite odd, i just saw you said some people were complaining about how you rated things, and i wanted to say the opposite

cirno from the touhou series? i've always wanted to give those games a try but haven't got round to it quite yet, are they fun?

Jan 10, 2013