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Here I go (version 2.8.3 on December 23, 2013) =>

***Who am I:

- I'm a normal anime otaku, from Romania, Europe.
- I'm like many here, on Anime-Planet: I watch anime and love them.

***How i watch anime:

- I try to watch anime every day (the life and technical issues stop me sometimes)
- I usually watch 2 anime series at a time. One with 24-26 episodes and one with 12-13 episodes. If the 26 ep. anime is bad, hopefully the 13 one is good and compensate each other... the reverse is the same... But many times both are good :)
- I watch 6 episodes a day but it may variate (from 1 in the case of movies to 12 or more)
- So around 12 anime per month (about 200 episodes) . It isn't much... not at all.

***What I watch:

- Comedy is the main genre (i want to laugh or smile at least) and I continue with (how they are tagged here on Anime-Planet): Slice of life, Moe, Ecchi, Harem, Otaku culture, Parody, School Life and some other but is getting boring to write all ... and i'm a lolicon :)
- I don't watch: violence themed anime or drama with the following tags : Cyberpunk, Demons, Feudal Japan, Fighting, Gore, Historical, Horror , Martial arts, Soccer Three kingdoms, Samurais, Zombie, Yaoi, War, Westerns ....
- I watch already completed anime ( I don't want to wait a week or more for a new episode)
- I don't watch a series in one shot no matter how hard is to resist :) ( I want to enjoy the serie in the following day to)
- I prefer subbed anime over dubbed. And in english of course.

*** How I rate:

- I give only 5 ***** or nothing at all.
- If I like a anime or something special from it so at the end i'm glad i seen it i rate it 5*
- If I don't like it or not so much (probably is a boring anime) i don't rate it at all.
- One of my comments said that isn't fair if i rate it this way. But please... go to any anime here, and go to the user list: even the best of the best or the worst anime have ratings between 0.5 and 5... so i'm not unfair.

*** Other things:

- My anime list is up to date, because I update here after I watch all the episodes for the day.
- If i have to choose between anime or the manga: i choose anime.
- The first anime i watched, was in kindergarden (serious...). Many from my country say that Sailor Moon was the first anime that aired: No it wasn't...I watched anime (are on my watched list) before that, but i think many recall them as cartoons... even Sailor Moon is a cartoon for many.
- The moment i started to watch anime in the serious way was 4-5 year ago when I got internet conection: internet is the way anime comes to me. I download them but don't blame me for it.
- My anime colection: 13 anime posters , 11 manga volumes, some badges, many stickers and that's all. This will change soon, there are anime conventions in the country and there is the world wide web to ^__^


- My current avatar is Cirno from the Touhou series.
- My current signature image is http://www.anime-planet.com/characters/kuniko-hojo from Shangri-La anime .
- The top page image is Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.

*** I used the "list" feature of this site to make....lists :) Here you go: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/dgmikep/lists . It took some time to pick them, and i will make many more. So "subscribe" :))

***I will update here when i will remember what :P So you may have a reason to read it all, again :))

***I will reply on any comments... or try to :D So post one if you arrive on this page... :P

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fnrcum says...

personal ador Mondai-ji tachi, dar trebuie sa pun SAO ca fiind pe locul 1 intre preferatele mele din sezonul trecut. Acuma in sezonul asta ce imi place cel mai mult e Yahari Ore no Seishun  (nu de alta dar ma potrivesc in proportie de 99% cu mainul), pe locul 2 vine Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge si pe locul 3 vine Hataraku Maou-sama dintre restul ce mai e fain e Devil Survivor 2 si cam atat. Ma uit sila celelalte dar nu are rost sa le mentionez

May 4, 2013
Darknike says...

mie nu imi place FB >:P adica nu ma bag in socializarea lor, ok am cont din cauza unei prietene care juca niste jocuri acolo si m-a batut la cap sa imi fac, cont sa ii dau accept la niste chestii care ii dadea in jocuri...aiurea stiu :P...btw cautat pe google numele tau si vazut ca ai cont pe YT si faci AMV cool, eu ma gandeam ca e un robot ceva...cati ani ai ?

Apr 18, 2013
Darknike says...

dgmikep ok ce nume e asta de robot ~_~" sau e ceva codat, ori stai poate e invers pekimgd asa e mai ciudat :P ...anyways talente oh da imaginatia mea, sa ziceam ca vad lumea diferit, de desenat am desenat prin scoala generala roboti, demoni si ingeri, si odata am desenat o fata...dar nu am mai desenat si cam pierdut talentul ala, apoi m-am apucat de scris poezii ....pfff imi e greu sa scriu aici si ma enerveaza codu ala, [email protected] my e-mail si vb acolo daca ai chef, daca nu laterz have a nice day ^_^

Apr 18, 2013
Darknike says...

Ba nu se considera tarziu :P , ok eu sunt Lucian totul despre mine e ciudat cred, e de la imaginatia pe acare o am si pe care o hranesc si dezvolt mai tot timpul, in curand o sa evolueze intr-un nou pokemon cred :))....pe tine cum te cheama ?

Apr 18, 2013
Darknike says...

tu nu ai auzit expresia niciodata nu e prea tarziu ^_^

Apr 17, 2013