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- I'm a normal person, that likes to watch anime, and i'm doing so for quite some years.
- I live in Romania, a country in Europe.
- My anime colection: some wallpapers, around 15 manga, a few small figurines (only 7 for now), and that's pretty much it. I'm going to buy more in the future.
- I watch anime for pleasure, i'm not obsessed, and of course, I can leave without them.
- I don't know japanese (can't read at all, and know a few words that are useless in real life), but I can see an episode without subtitles, understanding close to nothing,  just from the images.

- I used to watch anime daily, but since my free time is now missing, I watch anime mostly during the weekends.
- I used to watch 2 anime series at a time, so in case one was bad, the other would compensate. Now I watch just one anime from start to end, all in one day.
- I watch english subbed anime, don't like the dubs (but some were good), or them subbed in my country language.
- I watch already completed anime ( I don't want to wait a week or more for a new episode).

- Comedy is the main genre (I want to laugh or smile at least) and I continue with: Slice of life, Moe, Otaku culture, Parody, School Life, Ecchi, Harem...
- Yes I watch ecchi anime, but I like it when it's nicely integrated in the story. Panty shots are the best. I don't like "oppai".    
- I don't watch violence themed anime. Yes, my tastes are exactly opposite with the majority of the US/Europe anime fans. I hate that the majority of fans want to see the blood flowing, heads droping and people killed in various ways. So horror, medieval , war, fantasy and many other anime tyes are a no no. Don't like drama either, it usually can destroy a nice anime.
- Of course, I watch anime with these tags on it, only if the scenes are mild and rare, or I'm sure they won't affect the anime.  

- I give only 5 ***** or nothing at all.
- If I like an anime or something special from it, so at the end I can say I enjoyed it, I rate it 5*.
- If I don't like it or not so much (probably it's a boring anime), or some scenes destroyed the feeling, I don't rate it at all.
- I received a comment that said, that it isn't fair if I rate it this way. But go to any anime here, and see how they are rated or their reviews: even the best of the best or the worst anime have ratings between 0.5 and 5. So i'm not unfair. I can't rate how I feel.

- My anime list is up to date, because I update here after I watch all the episodes for the day.
- If I have to choose between anime or the manga: I choose anime.
- The first anime I watched, was in kindergarden. Many from my country say that Sailor Moon was the first anime that aired: No it wasn't. I watched anime before that, but i think many recall them as cartoons... even Sailor Moon is a cartoon for many.
- The moment I started to watch anime in the serious way, was 5-6 years ago, when I got connected to the internet.
- I used the "list" feature of this site to make....lists :) Here you go: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/dgmikep/lists . It took some time to pick them, and i will make many more.
- I will reply on any comments... or try to. So post one if you arrive on this page :P

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Tiamath says...

ca si restul de altfel :P

Sep 22, 2014
Darker17 says...

da bine ca nu am raspuns anu viitor:)) ... lasa nu e problema gasesc eu ceva ;)

Sep 14, 2014
craniu says...

au bagat randomizator la  loved/hated char  .....   daca te mai intere :P

Jul 31, 2014
Galadriel says...

Salut. Nu as zice ca seamana cu facebook ca na... ala e site de socializare, nu un database system. In schimb, de vreun an (sau mai putin) s-a deschis Hummingbird.


Designul nu e 100% similar insa sunt cateva asemanari.

Jul 18, 2014
Galadriel says...

Salut. Stiu ca nu am mai comunicat de mult, insa vreau sa stiu ce parere ai de noul design? Mie mi se pare ca cei de la AP au adunat multe elemente de la alte anime database's ca anidb (tag tooltips) sau hummingbird (aproape intreg designul exceptie culorile).

Imi place cum arata profilul personal (desi altora le-a iesit cam urat... tranzitia nu a fost facuta uniform pentru toti). Sper doar sa ma obisnuiesc cu modelul asta. Ma bucur doar ca AP nu face schimbari dese la site ca youtube-ul.

Jul 17, 2014