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★★☆☆☆ and ★✪☆☆☆ - A really bad anime. Do. Not. Watch.

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RoBorg avatar RoBorg


Feb 21, 2011

Okk then I think I'll follow your suggestion and I'll go through it. It will be just a challenge to find the time, as my PS3/PSP require some attentions as well (just bought a "Tales of", and a couple of others are coming...) :P

Well, until next time then!

RoBorg avatar RoBorg


Feb 21, 2011

Yes I've played the visual novel with voices (would be pointless without them...), but well, in fact no I haven't finished the it. It's there, waiting for some attention. But while it may be true that they've made a mess in the anime, by watching it without comparing it to anything else, to me it looks great. Then of course, if compared to something else it might loose a lot of it's appeal, something like the anime of Air gear or HSD Kenichi, that I find very good, now that I'm reading the respective manga I see that in the anime there are things that might be better...

RoBorg avatar RoBorg


Feb 21, 2011

Hey there! About your comment in my F/SN review, I've tried the original visual novel as well, but well, I think I liked more the anime... It is somehow more "fast". Matter of tastes :)

takaramono avatar takaramono

Nice Avatar!

Dec 22, 2010

Konnichiwa desu~

mistermagius avatar mistermagius

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 22, 2010

omg long time no talk XD dzięki za polecenie angel beats na pewno obejrzę ;D

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