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Fantasy anime

About Pandora and Tsubasa, the animes are fantasy, but if you read the manga they will screw with your mind XD I recommend them.

Josei anime

Josei is not really for me but some of them had memorable moments. (like friends making goofy comments to keep me hooked on the series in question...)

Magical Girl anime

Most of us started out with Sailor Moon lol I have seen many ms series, these are the few that were worth my time. They all have something original. About Pretty Cure... the first one was great but from there it went down hill... (personal...

MindF*ck anime

Make yourself comfortable and hang onto your brain. In case of difficulties: emergency exit through the window.

Psyichological anime

Only think about the psychological consequences of certain events if you really think you are ready for the truth XD otherwise sit back relax and enjoy